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The Digital Sunlite Project is a distributed/peer-to-peer, 3D, Euclidean, general-purpose cyberspace.

It doesn't cost any money so go and download it, have a look round, then build a virtual house or something.

The D.S.P. is being coded in C++ for Win32 (although it should be reasonably portable), using such technologies as OpenGL & windows sockets.

The D.S.P. is currently in an early phase, and there are many glaring issues to be surmounted/pondered. The biggest issues currently:

* Object persistance: Objects remain in the world only to the degree there is a host 'near' to the objects to serve them to newcomers. Yes, this is a very big problem.

* Control: Anybody can create or delete objects anywhere and at any time. This is of course a recipe for chaos.

Miscellaneous pages

Wind Turbine Tutorial (pdf, html)



Realtime online peer list


This is some quickly sketched theory/technology behind my cyberspace:

Agent Types

Position-to-IP mapping system


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Ono-Sendai aka Nicholas Chapman

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My ICQ no. is 19054613

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