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Papers, Articles and Presentations

On the framework of the next international climate change policy regime

  1. Sectoral Crediting Mechanism....presentation on a Sectoral Proposals Template project in a side event at COP12 in Nairobi, Kenya on 8 November 2006 *Also see www.sectoral.org
  2. Sectoral Approach....presentation at IISD side event at UNFCCC SB24 meetings in Bonn, Germany on 17 May 2006
  3. Framing Policy Action in the short and long term....presentation at the Climate Change and Governance Conference in Wellington, New Zealand on 29 March 2006  
  4.  A Sectoral Approach – March 2006
  5. International Climate Change Landscape - Present and Prospects…presentation at the Climate Change and Business Conference in Adelaide, Australia on 21 February 2006
  6. The role of the Carbon Market in proposals for addressing climate change post-2012… published by the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) in December 2005 and available HERE
  7. Implications for climate change policy of trends in exports and imports of energy commodities
    and manufactured goods
    – December 2005
  8. Climate Change Policy Implications of trends in exports and imports of energy commodities and
    manufactured goods
    …presentation at UNFCCC COP11 in Montreal, Canada on 8 December 2006
  9. What about consumption? – April 2004

On issues relating to Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF)

  1. Expanding the Role of “Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry” Projects and the Carbon Market in Addressing Global Climate Change…published by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in December 2005 and available HERE
  2. A scenario for a future climate change regime for LULUCF – May 2005
  3. Harvested Wood Products – A beginning guide to key issues – July 2004
  4. Where to with LULUCF?  First, how did we get to here? – June 2004


On New Zealand domestic policy and explaining Kyoto

  1. Submission on Government Climate Change Discussion Documents - March 2007 (Includes three Jan-Mar 07 papers below)new
  2. What to do with Agriculture and Forestry? - March 2007new
  3. NZ Policy - Ignoring An Inconvenient Truth - February 2007
  4. Ten Point Guide to Effective and Credible Policy - January 2007
  5. So You Want a Price on Carbon?....presentation at a IPS/SGEES Seminar in Wellington, 1 December 2006
  6. Policy Issues and Options - An Integrated Approach....presentation at a IPS/SGEES Policy Symposium in Wellington, 6 October 2006
  7. Climate Policy - Why So Hard?....A paper released at the time of the IPS/SGEES Policy Symposium, October 2006 (includes the April 2006 "Policy Proposal")
  8. Answering The Climate Change Skeptics....A Briefing Paper commissioned by WWF New Zealand and the Environmental Defence Society, October 2006
  9. Annex....articles footnoted in the Answering the Sceptics briefing paper 
  10. A new domestic "Policy Proposal" - April 2006
  11. The Role of Economic Instruments in New Zealand's Domestic Climate Change Policy - April 2006
  12. Getting the Kyoto story straight – June 2005
  13. Climate Change and Kyoto: What next? - Key Issues and Challenges …published by IPANZ in Public Sector, Vol 28, Number 1, 2005