It wasn't all plain sailing out there in the wide oceans and as with any small community there are accidents, illness and tragedy.

A 1976 southbound voyage via South Africa had its fair share. The ship was east of Capetown when she sailed headlong into one of the wildest storms she ever encountered. All hands including non-essential crew were confined to cabins for their safety. However my good friend Vaughn Walker who was a pianist on board, risked life and limb to snap these pictures after the worst had passed. One passenger who foolishly left her cabin was attempting to negotiate the foyer near her cabin when the ship listed badly and she lost her footing. She slid along the floor and hit a lift door which opened and she fell to her death

Chandris Lines held the Australian government immigration shipping transport contract and the ship was consequently held up in Melbourne after the voyage while a brief enquiry took place.











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