Christiaan's Collection

Christiaan Werk, a Professional Maritime photographer, has kindly allowed me permission to display his collection of SS Australis photographs most of which were taken during his northbound voyage in 1972.

Please note that this collection is under copyright control and should not be copied or used without his express permission.

You can contact Christiaan at this e-mail address and visit his website at for further information.

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Australis crossing Pacific Ocean taken from bridge 1972    Australis mast and crows nest 1972    Australis funnels Pacific Ocean 1972    Australis crossing Pacific from stern 1972      Australis rolling in Atlantic Ocean 1972Australis in Auckland harbour 1971    Australis Acapulco 1972    Australis Australis cake night 1972    Crossing the equator on Australis 1972    Thrown to King Neptune crossing the equator on Australis 1972

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