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Icehouse, at the Logan Campbell Centre, last night.

Remember the good old days when bands built careers over years and toured with several albums instead of one or two, as they do now?

It would be easy to ridicule Icehouse for their traditionalism. They look like Duran Duran, have the lighting show Sisters of Mercy abandoned 10 years ago and frontman Iva Davies is Australia's answer to Cliff Richard: lots of pleasantness and some of the most ludicrous stage poses you'll ever see.

That's without mentioning the face grimaces during the feedback fuelled guitar solos and the wind machine blowing his hair about. And while we're at it, my plus one didn't like his trousers much, either. Sorry.

So this was a disaster right? Actually no, and for three very simple reasons.

Firstly, Icehouse know that they have got to where they are now not through rap or remixes but through rock of the bang-crash-wallop variety, and they're fiercely loyal to their roots, even going as far as to relish in their past by adopting their previous name Flowers for one segment of the show.

Secondly, because of their lengthy past they have a lot of extremely strong songs, which of course is what it's all about.

And thirdly, Davies is a fine singer. Sure, there are bits of Jim Kerr here, David Bowie there and a touch of Mike Scott in the mix, but he remains a distinctive, talented and at times emotional vocalist, particularly on the more chilling songs such as Icehouse.

Perhaps there were too many solos, too many singalongs and clapping sections, but Icehouse have earned the right to show off to a sold-out Logan Campbell Centre, and the crowd loved them.

And even if they are as dated as the T Rex and David Bowie covers they played, they're still a value-for-money and enjoyable rock outfit.

-Dominic Roskrow