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Thanks for dropping by and visiting my home page.
Established 01 September 1996.
Amongst other things, here you will find...
  . A place for other Acorn (R.I.P) and BBC computer users to download the various programs I have written.
  . Lots of lyrics and guitar chords for songs from the Australian band Icehouse.

I can repair Acorn and BBC micro computers and/or provide hard to find parts for them. Let me know what you need and I'll see what I can do.
I can also transfer data to and from cassette, floppy discs, hard discs and EPROMs in the following formats:
  . BBC Micro: Cassette Tape, EPROM, 5.25" DFS, 5.25" ADFS, 3.5" DFS, 3.5" ADFS, 3.5" FileStore, ST506 and SASI Hard discs.
  . Acorn RISC OS: 3.5" ADFS, 5.25" ADFS, ADFS, SCSI and ST506 Hard discs.

Please get in touch if you have any of these items. I can collect from the Auckland, NEW ZEALAND area. Thanks.
  . Anything to do with Acorn, BBC Micro or RISC OS computers. ST506 and Rodime SASI/SCSI hard discs. Preferably free or cheap.
  . Any items to do with the Australian Band Icehouse.
  . Mitsubishi Starion turbo car. Any condition considered.

To find out more about me click here and feel free to send me a message (Replace letters between () with @ and .) or sign my guest book.

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