South Island Champs


Had a great weekend in CHCH, meetingGTO guys and putting the R73X in the Fast Fours and Rotaries South Island Champs Car Show. No prizes but the GTO looked great amongst the Dattoes and Mazdas. Finally met Jonno and Rob whose names you gave me 2 years ago. Also caught up on Jack again and 2 other guys we had become aware of recently. Jack has a completly original white GS, Rob has a blue GSR you would swear was brand new  and Jonno has a silver GS with some engine mods which allow a top speed of 240 k's, and Andrew is now keen to get his gto finished asap. We now hope to get 3 or 4 GTO's in the next similar show, like you guys do up North.

Thanks George for sending this in, car looks great.


1972 GALANT GTO  R73 X

This car is a replica of the one made for Mitsubishi by Bellco racing for the 1972 Tokyo car show.

The original (hickory brown) car is in the Mitsubishi Motor Museum and is based on the Galant GTO with a few changes:

MOTOR; The original car has a detuned R69B engine which powered Mitsubishi to a win in the 1971 Japan Grand Prix.

It was a 2000cc DOHC 16 valve engine producing 290 hp.

The motor in this car is a 2000cc DOHC 16 valve fuel injected Galant engine converted back to old school. (Custom high compression pistons, EVO 3 camshafts, Webers and custom extractors). Because the engine was originally mounted transversely custom water piping was required. Custom made inlet manifold and exhaust systems were also required.

BODY; Wheel arches and 15” wire wheels, Modified bonnet arch with scoop, front side indicators turned 90 degrees, both bumpers color coded, with other differences in grill and bootlid spoiler not completed.



COLT F2000                                         R69B ENGINE


The car was once a deregistered parts car and came free with another GTO which I bought 2 and years ago.

A left rear panel was welded in place of the smashed in panel, and a replacement door found.



NOV. 04                                               NOV.05

Over the last 2 years the correct parts have been found and fitted;

Car from Lawrence, engine from Christchurch, grill from Taranaki,

Front air dam from Gisborne, interior from Invercargill.

Panel and paint by Neil Rogan Panelbeating, Mataura.