MARCH 18/19/20th 2005

Our best day on Saturday

The Group had cars from Napier, Gisborne, Tauranga, Auckland and Hamilton making up eleven cars on display. This display was of one make 'Mitsubishi' , one model 'Colt GTO' all from the early 1970`s.

How often would you get 11 Japanese cars like this together? It was like walking around a Todd Motors Mitsubishi NZ dealers yard from 1974!

Friday display

Comments heard during the show

Really enjoyed meeting the crew after being in contact with some for a very long time.

A great range of cars. Nice to see so many in good order and so proudly presented.

A credit to all the owners.

Your site looks fantastic.

Renee was approached by three young guys who asked her who 1 GTO 1 belonged to.

When she answered, "Me".

Guys said, "WHAT, this is a womans car!?"

She replied, "What's wrong with it being a womans car?"

Guys said, "Because it's got balls!!!

A great sight to see a line-up of GTO's and to give ecouragement to the young guys restoring their own GTO's.

I never even knew there were that many GTO's in NZ!!

The Group stand at the motor show turned out to be a great event and I'm glad that I decided to get my car back together in time for the show.

Comments from members of the public were all positive.

GTO's take over Subway in Hamilton Saturday night

What a night!!!!

Seven GTO's converged on Hamilton City.

We beat up the town good and proper.

What a noise we made and what fun!!

Owners Group on Sunday


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