Dave Armstrong


now living in Australia

1974 GTO

I had a real nice (street) version in the mid eighties. it was white with the blue stripe. All original. At that time my mates were driving Mk3 Cortina's, falcons etc, and my good old GTO would leave them all behind. (it helped that I had detailed the 2L motor, and increased the compression a bit. They used to go great for a '74, compared to what else was around,  And the interior was awesome. Those round gauges, curved dash and bucket seats. (mine had the dark green interior.   Unfortunately after a few good years, I ended up rolling that car.

  A few years later, I cam across another one that I guy was selling less running gear. The body had quite a lot of rust, that had been badly repaired so I decided it would make a good drag car.

I cut the entire floor out and made a box section chassis for it. I fitted a 6 point cage to the chassis and also had front support bars which passed through the Dash vents and welded to the strut towers. I made a custom front cross member to mount a 360 Chrysler, and fitted a new sheet metal floor with much larger trans tunnel to suit the torqueflight transmission.   I built this car, as cheap as possible. Lots of used parts from wreckers. Nissan skyline rear struts, Morris minor fuel tank, original GTO front struts, Narrowed Ford 9" diff with 4 link suspension and my own axles. I even made my own front wheels.   The engine was a basically stock 360, with 4 barrel vacuum secondary carb. Mild cam. Mild compression. Stock torque converter and a torqueflight 904 trans. Slicks were 32 x 14 x 15. It was a learning experience for me. The engine was too hard to work on in the small engine bay. If I was ever going to do this again, I would remove the inner front guards. The GTO ran a best of 11.2.