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Vatican City Rovers
A Catholic football team playing in the 
Christchurch Christian Soccer League

Latest Result:

[Note that this page has not been updated since part way through the 2002 season]

Vatican City Rovers: 3
Lamb of God Crusaders: 0
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Venue (Venue locations)
Overall Results Summary 2001:
Games: 10; Wins: 4; Losses: 5; Draws: 1

Final MVP Rankings, 2001:
Most Valuable Player - Well, this award has to be shared between about 9 players!  Don't believe me?  Check out the stats.

2001 Statistics
  (Team List, Goals, Assists, MVP Rankings)
  Top goal scorer: Mike F (followed by Nigel and Dean)
  Most assists: Karen (followed by Dean and Mike F)

Other Information
  (Venues, Kick-off times and deadlines, Subs)

Plus, check out the Fitness Page!!
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Background Information

Team History: The Shaping of an Institution

Team Photograph (formal):
The Team in Formal Kit
(More team photos)

Our Clubrooms, back at HQ:
The Clubhouse

And check out our training venue!

Disclaimer: Vatican City Rovers is not officially associated with the Vatican or with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI (except by virtue of the team members' baptism :-).