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Centre for Prayer and retreats in Daily Life

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(Last Updated:  10 Dec 2004 )

For those who live in the area of Christchurch, NZ, Father Michael Doyle is available to help if you wish to pray more and are not sure of what steps to take.

Help can be given to lead people into a way of meditation and contemplation. This can be done on a one off visit,  or over an extended time of six or eight visits. These extended prayer times can be referred to as ‘Retreats in Daily Life’

For those who have advanced a little in this method of meditation there will be the opportunity to do a much longer ‘Retreat in Daily Life’ which is based on the famous ‘Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius’. Fr. Michael Doyle is also available to lead:

  • Small groups who wish to have a few hours reflection time
  • Parish reflection days in the parish setting.
  • If you are looking for some way to come closer to God and are not sure what to do, or who to turn to, contact Father Michael.

    And if you wondering whether to revisit the Catholic Church of your earlier days then Fr Michael may be able to help you look and see and talk in a quiet and secluded environment.

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