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(Last Updated:  4 Jan 2002)

This page contains links to my topical index pages of Catholic apologetics material on the Internet.
My intention with this section of the website is to provide a resource for anyone looking to find out more about Catholicism,
 or looking for a Catholic point of view on teachings that may be disputed by Christians of other traditions.  I hope you find it helpful.

Catholic Apologetics Links by Topic

The stuff I've linked to in this section only scratches the surface of what's out there.  I will add more links as time permits.
 - Anti-Catholicism and Responses
 - On Becoming Catholic
 - The Bible (also see Sola Scriptura section below)
 - The Church
 - Church Practices / Catholicism and Paganism
 - The Communion of Saints
 - Development of Doctrine
 - Ecumenism
 - Famous Catholics (some of 'em, anyway)
 - Indulgences
 - Inquisition
 > Mary
       - Honouring Mary
       - Mary's Bodily Assumption
       - The Immaculate Conception and Mary's Sinlessness
       - Mary as Mediatrix
       - Mary as Theotokos (the Mother of God)
       - The Perpetual Virginity of Mary
       - The Rosary
 - The Mass
 - Moral Theology and Catholic Moral Teaching
 - The Papacy
 - The Protestant Reformation
 - Purgatory
 - The Sacraments
       - Anointing of the Sick
       - Baptism
                - Full Immersion Only?
                - Infant Baptism
       - Confirmation
       - Eucharist
       - Holy Orders
       - Marriage
       - Confession
 - Salvation  and Justification
                - Salvation
                - Justification
                - Salvation Outside the Church
                - Eternal Security
 - Scripture
       - The Canon of Scripture
       - Sola Scriptura
 - Tradition
 - Catholic Apologetics Websites
 - Ecumenism
 - Miscellaneous Catholic Resources and Apostolates
More links will be added as time permits

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