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(Last Updated:  30 Apr 2001 )

This page is about that particular part of the Christian faith called Catholicism.  Note that I have structured this website with separate Christianity and Catholicism sections, not because I want to set one off against the other (indeed, I think that Catholicism is Christianity, in all the fullness that Christ intended).  Rather, it just seemed a logical way to break up the site.

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I am Roman Catholic by birth and by faith.  This section of the website is primarily about Catholic Apologetics, a defence of Catholic Christianity.

I have recently developed a real interest in the teachings of the Catholic Church, its Apostolic origin and its claims for truth.  In the course of my research I have come across a great deal of anti-Catholic literature which, although often well-meaning, seems to me to be largely a product of ignorance about what the Church really teaches and believes.

This page has two aims:

Most of the material presented will be by means of links to the huge amount of Catholic apologetics and resource material that already exists on the Internet.  I will also present some articles that I or friends have put together.

A Note to my Non-Catholic Friends

This section of my website is not supposed to be an exercise in Catholic triumphalism.  It was stimulated in part by a letter to my wife and I from a friend urging us to leave the Catholic Church for the sake of our salvation.  The letter contained a lot of gross misrepresentations of Catholic teachings.  In my travels on the Internet and even in discussions with friends and colleagues at work I have seen plenty of the same sort of stuff.  This site is my attempt to put together something of a Catholic response.  If after reviewing the material you consider the Catholic Church misguided at least you'll be disagreeing with what it really teaches, rather than with someone's caricature.

God bless you.

Catholic Apologetics Resources by Topic

Some related index pages from my Christianity and Christian Apologetics section are:

Questions About Catholicism?

If you have any questions about the Catholic faith or Church teachings, feel free to send me an e-mail.  I can probably find the answer for you, and if I can't I should at least be able to point you to someone who can.

Want to Talk?  There's a Priest available.

Father Michael Doyle, priest in charge of the Christchurch Diocese's Centre for Prayer and Retreats in Daily Life, would be glad to discuss with you any issues of faith.  Feel free to e-mail him.  Father Mike would be glad to help if, for example, you are looking for some way to come closer to God and are not sure what to do, or who to turn to, or if you are wondering whether to look again at the Catholic faith of your earlier days.

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