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Church Writings

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(Last Updated:  11 Jan 2005 )

Links to Church documents, and places where you can search for particular writings.  There is a whole lot of stuff that I will add to this list as time permits.  I'll probably sort out the ordering of things as well.  But I think there's enough here to start with.

The Church, with her 2000 years of saints and scholars, has a huge legacy of Christian tradition, writings, studies and devotional material.  Here I have linked to some of this treasure.

The Bible

(The New Testament is of course one of the earliest collections of Catholic writings.  :-)

Major Catholic Documents

Early Church Fathers and some Writings of the Saints

Some Saints

All of the stuff in this section is from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library.

Other Writers

All the files linked to below are in the public domain.

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