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The Assumption of Mary into Heaven

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(Last Updated:  07 Oct 2000 )

The miraculous assumption of Mary into heaven is, for many people, one of the more difficult Catholic doctrines to accept, in part because it does not seem to appear explicitly in Scripture, and also because the dogmatic definition of the doctrine did not happen until quite recently (1950, in fact, although the belief itself is ancient).  This article is intended to provide an outline of the reasons why Catholics believe in this wonderful event.  The article is based upon some notes I put together for a presentation on the Assumption, hence its question-and-answer format in parts.

The Assumption: Definition

Did Mary Die?

Is the Assumption in Scripture?

What about John 3:13, "No one has ascended into heaven but he who descended from heaven, the Son of man"?

When is the last time Mary is directly mentioned in Scripture?

Why is she not mentioned much?

What happened to her after Pentecost?

Biblical Precedent: Who has been assumed into heaven?

Who will be assumed into heaven?

Mary and the Ark of the Covenant in the Book of Revelation

Historical evidence

Why is the Assumption not much mentioned, compared with other doctrines?


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