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- A database of links on the Church's often-misunderstood teachings about indulgences

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AuthorTitleSize (k)Rating
Akin, JamesA Primer on Indulgences [48k] 459/10 - Typically solid and thoughtful article from James Akin. Good introduction to the topic, concentrating on the Biblical principles underlying the Church's teaching on indulgences
Akin, JamesMyths About Indulgences [4k] 47/10 - Responses to some common misconceptions about the doctrine of indulgences.
Covolo, Fr. Enrico DalThe Historical Origin of Indulgences318/10 - Exploration of the history and development of the doctrine of indulgences. Includes a beautiful extract from the Holy Father's catechesis about the Jubilee Indulgence and "vicariousness" - "To pray in order to gain the indulgence means to enter into this spiritual communion and therefore to open oneself totally to others".
Root, MichaelThe Indulgence Controversy, Again138/10 - Thoughtful exploration of the doctrine of indulgences, and how they can be described with an eye to ecumenical discussion, from a professor at Trinity Lutheran Seminary.
Skellmeyer, StephenIndulgences117/10 - Survey of some of the biblical data behind the doctrine of indulgences.

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