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Adolf Hitler - Christian, Atheist, or Neither?

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(Last Updated:  21 Feb 2001 )

In my wanderings through the Web, I have sometimes come across statements from Christians saying that Adolf Hitler was an atheist, and more often, statements from atheists saying that Hitler was a devout Christian.  He seems to be a guy that nobody wants on their team, which I guess is fair enough, given the part that he played in humanity's bloodiest endeavour.  However since some of the "Hitler was a Christian" comments have been occasionally directed at me, I thought it would be wise to investigate the matter for myself and see just what I could come up with.

My conclusion is that Hitler, although he was brought up and confirmed as a Catholic, had abandoned Christianity by the time he was in control of Germany.  Importantly though, he was not an atheist either.  Read on to find out more…

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Some Quotes Used to Establish Hitler's Christianity

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