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Religion and Atheism - Which one should we be protected from? (Part 2)

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(Last Updated:  24 Aug 2000 )

The following article was prompted by a newsgroup posting about the evil consequences of religion, to which I responded.  In order to clarify the article a little, there is an Introduction you may wish to read first.  Much of the material in the first part of this article is based on a section of Ravi Zacharias' book A Shattered Visage.
I have also written a follow-up article to this one: Expanding on the Critique of Atheistic Moral Philosophy.

Recently on a discussion group that I sometimes participate in, the following statement was posted (by an atheist):

> More seriously, religion and superstition should be resisted at every
> opportunity. Without necessarily being evil or even wrong in themselves,
> they are used to justify, promote and enable the worst kinds of evil
> humans can inflict upon each other.
> If you can make someone believe that the tangible, material, health
> happiness and well-being of people right here, right now, in this
> life, on earth is less important than what happens to their
> immaterial, invisible, utterly unknowable souls in the next life,
> then you can make them commit any atrocity against humanity you like.
> You need of course to keep the people stupid, tell them you
> know what it is that (our) god wants and that if they die doing
> (our) god's work they are assured a place in paradise.

Below is my response to these comments:

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