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My name is Dean Mischewski.  I'm a Catholic from New Zealand, and this website is one way of sharing my conviction that the Christian faith is the most reasonable and realistic approach to life, and that this faith finds its full richness and beauty of expression in the Catholic Church.

My aim is for this web site to be a useful resource for those who are trying to find out more about Jesus Christ, His teaching, His Church, and the Christian world-view in general.

Note that this site is still under construction (and probably will be indefinitely)...

I should point out that I have structured this website with separate Christianity and Catholicism sections, not because I want to set one off against the other (indeed, I think that Catholicism is Christianity, in all the fullness that Christ intended).  Rather, it just seemed a logical way to break up the site.

Main Pages

What's New?
Site Map and Search Engine
So, What's the Good News?
A brief introduction to the message of the Gospel.
Christianity and Christian Apologetics
My general Christian worldview page.
Catholicism and Catholic Apologetics
My specifically Catholic worldview page.
Household of God
General Christian heritage stuff: quotes, reflections, book reviews etc.
My Canoe Polo page
(it's my favourite game)
My Soccer page
(my other favourite game).
This section is mostly about the history of my soccer team, Vatican City Rovers.
Coming Soon
(stuff I'm working on)

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Random Quote: "In any conflict of loyalties, obey Jesus Christ at all cost" - Oswald Chambers