Some genealogical reference books on which I am happy to answer questions

Also indexes of names from many other books

Books on my shelves
The Farthest Promised Land, Rollo Arnold
Diary of a Georgian Shopkeeper, Thomas Turner, c1750
Essex Sessions of the Peace 1351, 1377/79, reports of court cases
History of Myddle, Richard Gough, Shropshire, 17C
Journal of a Somerset Rector, 1803/34, Thomas Skinner
Puritan village, S C Powell, English village backgrounds to a New England Village
London Life in the 18th Century, L Dorothy George
Office Holders in Lancaster (Duchy and County) from 1603, Robt Somerville
Victorian Village, diaries of Revd John Coker Egerton, 1867-88, Burwash
Metropolis of Mid Sussex, Ford & Gabe, history of Hayward's Heath
Historical and other notes on Charlbury, John Kibble (Cotswolds)
Chamber's Index to Next of Kin, Edward Preston, c1877
Bristol Wills, index by British Record Society, 1897. Mainly 1572-1793.
Biography of a Victorian Village, ed. Ronald Fletcher. Cobbold's account of Wortham, Suffolk, 1860.
Sketches of Long Eaton & "District, Arthur Hooper (Derbyshire)
Sussex Archaeological Collections, vol 57, 1915
Sales of Wards in Somerset 1603-41, Somerset Record Society 1965
Justices of the Peace in Wales and Monmouthshire 1541-1689 (1975)
Office Holders in Modern Britain : vol 1 Treasury 1660-1870; vol 2 Secretaries of State 1660-1783; vol 3 Boards of Trade 1660-1870; vol 4 Admiralty Officials 1660- 1870. All by J C Sainty. Both senior and lowly employees.
English History from Essex Sources 1750-1900, A F J Brown
Cellarer's Rolls of Battle Abbey 1275-1513, Sussex Rrcord Society vol 65
Agricultural Records, J M Stratton, proof copy (annual notes on British weather from 1600s, storms, frosts, winds, rain, droughts etc)
London Merchants and their Landed Property during the reigns of the Yorkists, Mary Albertson, 1932.
Plymouth Building Accounts of the 16th & 17th centuries, Edwin Welch 1967.
Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, 1927.
Early English Customs System, Harvard Economic Studies, 13th/16th centuries.
Tudor Secretary, Dr F G Emmison.
English Rural Labourer, G E Fussell. Home, clothing & food from Tudor to Victorian times.
Before the Bawdy Court, Paul Hair, details of court appearances.
Elizabethan Life, Emmison, five volumes, (home life, church courts, Essex wills)
Wellington College Register, 7th edn, 1859-1948. Scholars and their careers.
Vexed and Troubled Englishmen, 1590-1642, Carl Bridenbaugh.
Urban Experience, Richardson & James. A sourcebook, Emglish, Scottish and Welsh towns.
Ship Money Papers, Bucks Record Society 1965, ed Bonsey & Jenkins.
Early Taxation Returns, Bucks Record Society 1966, Intro A C Chibnall Parish of Camberwell, W H Blanch 1875 (a 1976 reprint)
Islington, Charles Harris
Merchant Class of Medieval London, Sylvia L Thrupp
The Committee at Stafford 1643/45 (Civil War period)
Map of Essex, Chapman & Andre, Essex Record Office reprint
Old Leura & Katoomba, Blue Mountains, a historical survey
Kuranda - village in the rain forest 1888-1988
History of Croydon (Australia), Muriel McGivern
Auckland Journals of Vicesimus Lush
Thames Journals of Vicesimus Lush
The Journal of William Morgan. ed Nona Morris, 1963
Jubillee History of Nelson, 1842-1892, L Broad, reprint
High Noon for Coaches, J Halkett Millar
Harbour at the Sugar Loaves (Pt Taranaki history)
The Line that Dared (USSCo history)
Port and People (history of Napier port)
Thames Diamond Jubilee 1927, a history
History of the Thames, Isdaile This is Kuaotunu, R A Simpson (Coromandel mining)
Tauranga 1882-1982, a centennial history

Indexes that I have created
Hayward's Heath, Sussex, 11pp
My indexes are not simply names but include brief details. By way of example, I quote here half a dozen entries from the 1000+ entries in this index as a whole : Beard, Abraham Road carter 1851, living near Hayward's Heath rly station p35
Godsmark, Benjamin Railway porter in 1851, later an innkeeper p35
Molyneux, Samuel Maltster, farmed NBoltro Fm from 1803, d1841 p26
Sparham, H C Taylor/outfitter, Boltro Road, 1890s p101
Card, William Fly driver, 5 Station Road b193
Hassellgrove, Thomas Collier, wife buried 1604, and 2 children 1608/11 p18

Some names from Saffron Walden, Essex
A miscellany of Essex names (from AFJ Brown's book
Pigot & Co's Directory of Essex 1823/24, alpha name sequence, 35pp
Essex Families, names collated from my wife's families
Morals and the Chruch Courts (Emmison, Elizabethan Life), another very large Essex index
Wills of Essex Gentry & Yeomen (Emmison), ditto
. . . ditto . . . ., from wills of yeomen
. . . ditto . . . ., from wills of merchants
Elizabethan Life, Disorder, (Emmison) He specifically omitted many humble names from his book but this is still a large index.
Elizabethan Life, Emmison. Another very large index.
The Diary of Ralph Josselin 1616-1683 (vicar of Earles Colne)
Braintree and Bocking history, William Quin (a copy is held by the NZ National Library, Wellington)
Bocking End congregational church, names back to 1707
Wellington College, names of masters (I have a copy of the book, with details of pupils. It has a strong connection with military families.
East End 1888, William Fishman, around 300 names
London Life in the Eighteenth Century, M Dorothy George, also a useful bibliography
Autobiographby of the Revd Wm Gill (b1813) Held by Wellington Public Libraries
Diary of a Georgian Shopkeeper, Thomas Turner, indexed from a small published section. The full diary of 111 volumes is held by Yale University Library.
Historical & other notes on Charlbury, Kibble (on my shelves) Around 300 names
History of Myddle, Rchd Gough (on my shelves). Around 450 names.
The Farthest Promised Land, Rollo Arnold, names of emigrants from Britain to NZ (on my shelves)
Journal of a Somerset Rector, Skinner (on my shelves), around 350 names.
English Historical Documents, vol X. (nearly 400 names)
. . . . ditto . . . "16th Century Folk", from volume V.
Wages and prices. Not an index of names, but a large collection of prices and wages from the 1600s, for example maidservants 2 per annum, to mow an acre of barley 10d.
Long Eaton and district, Arthur Hooper (on my shelves) over 200 names
English Names from the 17th Century, taken from "Vexed and troubled Englishmen" by Carl Bridenbaugh, people who were early emigrants to the USA. For example "Elizabeth Douce, a servant of Gt Hadham, had a child by Elias Mamsell". All my indexes are informative.About 500 names
Port of Napier, New Zealand, from the centennial history by Stevenson. About 500 names.
Index of names from "This is Kuaotunu", a Coromandel mining settlement. About 400 names.
"Thames Diamond Jubilee", ed C R Cooke. Nearly 800 names.
"Thames Journals of Vicesimus Lush", some 300 names plus aanother 100 from Mr Isdale.
"Auckland Journal of Vicesimus Lush", nearly 200 names.
"Our last year in New Zealand", Bishop Cowie, 1888. About 250 names.
History of the Kapiti district, by Olive Baldwin. About 700 names.
Pukerua Bay primary school history, over 250 names.
Hawkes Bay Provincial Centennial, 1958. About 400 names.
An index from several smaller booklets (Soldiers' settlement at Battersea, Samuel Butler at Mesopotamia, Rimutaka rail crossing, Mt Arthur tablelands, Wairau valley, Motueka, Rai valley sawmillers, Napier-Taupo Road, about 250 names.
Spring Creek Parochial District, over 250 names.
Holy Trinity, Picton, centennial history 1963. Over 250 names.
St Barnabas, Auckland. About 150 names.
St Mark's, Carterton, 1975 history, over 300 names.
All Saints, Palmerston North, 1975 centennial history. Over 150 names.
Bulls/Rongotea parish history, over 250 names. These various NZ indexes have around 5500 names, quite a significant selection from the small population of early New Zealand.

Old Leura and Katoomba, Blue Mountains, 1982 history. About 900 names.

These lists of books and indexes are not absolutely complete but certainly cover most of my holdings. Some of my books are not yet indexed. When I indexed the book by Rollo Arnold I sent a copy to him. He very much appreciated it because his own index was incomplete and he continued to get queries from readers. I have it in mind to put all my indexes, plus other material such as the 1836 legislation, my draft of Comedy of Errors Act3, and various other notes and material onto a CD that would be available for purchase. All of that, however, would take time and the pressures of time are considerable. Therefore I can give no guarantees. Likewise, looking into the future, I ccannot say how long this web site might survive once I am no longer here. I may well make a printed copy of the web site and place it in the Turnbull library and/or in the family history section of the National Library.