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The names on this page are contained in early years of our family history. We know something of their forebears but nothing of their descendants. If you have these people in your family story but are looking for their forebears, do get in touch with us to see if they form links between your stories and ours.

For most of these people we are able to give you two or three earlier generations. In some cases we are looking for descendants. For our part, we hope that in one way or the other you may be able to provide us with a new branch to the present day. Greetings and we look forward to being in touch.

At present these names are largely from Bolton and Cox families, but we are adding others.

Thomas Bolton. Born about 1883 in Lambeth.

Frederick Charles Bolton. Born 25 June 1886, Peabody Buildings, Abbey Orchard Street, Westminster. His wife was Elsie. Their children were Frederick and Elsie.

Louisa Mary Bolton. Born 5 July 1852, probably in the Hackney district.

Sophia Bolton. Born 23 January 1854, probably Hackney or near.

Edith Lilian Liot, born 16 January 1874, Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire

Evelyn Mary Liot, born 19 December 1875, Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire

Florence Violet Annie Liot, born 15 June 1884, Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire

William Walter Cox, born March 1870 in Farnham Royal. Later lived in Windsor, Bucks.

Elizabeth Cox, born probably 1866, may have married George Bennett. Both probably born in Farnham Royal.

Henry Cox, born about 1834, Hedgerley near Farnham Royal, wheelwright.

Cornelia Cox, born about 1863, near Farnham Royal.

Elizabeth Smith, born about 1812 at Wooburn Green, Bucks.

Alfred Cox, born 1855, Hedgerley, nr Farnham Royal, Bucks, later a wheelwright

George Cox, botn about 1872, Hedgerley nr Farnham Royal, Bucks.

Rhoda Jane Smith, dau of George & Emma (Barber), born Garlic Hill City, London 25 November 1877

Ada Louise Smith, dau of George & Emma (Barber), born Deptford 7 September 1879

Catherine Weston, born 1873, Rotherhithe

Maria Weston, born 1875, Rotherhithe

Henry Cox, born Amersham 1811, died aaround 1875, Farnham Royal, Hedgerley

Clara Alice Cox, married Herbert Hammond Gurney 1897

Clara's daughters, Mildred Alice Gurney, born 1898, Nellie Gurney, born about 1902 in Salt Hill, Ethel Gurney, born about 1904, also in Salt Hill, Bucks.

Priscilla Greenaway (born Cox 1856)

Louisa Mary Bolton, baptised 8 August 1852 at Farnham Royal

Our Isabella Bolton married George William Tribe in Hackney in 1897. Did Isabella Tribe and George Tribe produce a tribe of young Tribes early in the 1900s?

Minnie Florence Bolton born about 1908 in Camberwell

Christiana Cox, Amersham, Bucks, late 1700s to 1842

Gladys Mary Cubbage, dau in law of Gilbert Cubbage

Wendy Cubbage, dau of Ron and Gladys Cubbage

Jane Snelling, married Edward Foster around 1830 and had 3 children between 1836 and 1841, Jane, Ellen and Whitfield

Ann Elizabeth Bywaters married Whitfield Foster around 1860/65. They had at least seven children, George Whitfield, Thomas Epinard, Matilda Jane, Anne Elizabeth, Jessie Ellen, Whitfield and William Bywaters, all with the Foster surname

We have a George Evans, born around 1815 (possibly in the Kennington area) and married to Sophia. Their children, with approximate dates were Mary (1828), David (1830), Sophia Charlotte (1832) and Emma (1835) and probably Elizabeth (1838). Do yu have links to any of these folk?

Richard Kuncken of New Jersey is a grandson of my great-aunt Selina Maud Evans and William Bain Mitchell. Any contact with Richard, who is now in his 70s (born 1939), would be valuable.

Edward Evans appears in the 1861 census, aged 26, as the uncle of our David Evans and thus brother of David's father George Evans (an excise officer). His occupation is described as "gentleman" but trawling entries for that name in 1871 and 1881 has been unsuccessful in further identification.

Harriet Dick, born about 1832, married Henry Kirtland, lived in Shoreditch

Alice Maud Kirtland, married Albert Sherwood Halls in Shoreditch 1910

Mary Harriet Barbara Kirtland, married Alfred Roe, house painter in 1907. Lived in Hoxton, London

Ruby Edith Mable Halls, born 1910, married William J Wright in Islington around May 1929.

Herbert James Gurney, Tring, 1911

Christopher Fleming (b 1920) and Joan Fleming (b 1924), born in Shoreditch

Henry Kirtland, born about 1836 in Shoreditch

Emily Thistlethwayte, Molly Flaxman, Roy Flaxman, Ian Flaxman. These relatives are/were in Australia but our former contacts have died. Can any present relatives get in touch?


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