Pricing is aimed at recovery of costs, including postage, looking towards a break-even point by the time that most copies are sold. The prices are thus much lower than possible for commercially marketed books. Very modest discounting has been possible for some library sales and for multiple copies to a single address. Likewise I can now offer a discount on both books sold together. For any special purchase, or for books in one currency for a different destination, please email me at mike.foster@paradise.net.nz

Postage for multiple copies is a little cheaper. For example within New Zealand I can mail one copy of "Act 2" for $25, two copies for $45, three for $62 and four for $80. These include a small discount on price as well as postage savings.


Both books are available by post (by airmail to places outside New Zealand) direct from the author :

Mike Foster
30 Campbell Street
Wellington 6012
New Zealand
(Please do NOT use our old address of 19 Khouri Avenue, found in early copies of the 1998 book)


For purchases by individuals, cheques in NZ$, Aus$, US$ and sterling are all acceptable, as below, with order. Currency notes are also acceptable and have never, to date, gone astray. From my point of view, currency is much better as it avoids the bank charges for depositing overseas cheques. It is also a much more immediate and far quicker transaction. Purchases by libraries, record offices and similar institutions can be requested by email or post and books will be sent to them with an invoice. (I'm afraid I can't handle credit card purchases).

PRICES BY DESTINATION (including postage)
DestinationCurrency 1998 book2002 bookBoth books
New ZealandNZ$222645
US & CanadaUS$253055

Note: "both books" means one copy of each.

Books will be mailed immediately the order is received. If there happens to be a rare delay you will be advised by email if you have sent an email address. I normally try to advise dispatch by email if possible. I regularly get thanks for quick delivery. Just a short while ago "Just to let you know that your books arrived this morning, fantastic service, it can take this long to get mail from the North to the South of England these days".

Books sold locally "face to face", e.g. at meetings or through any direct contact, are at NZ$15 for the first book and at NZ$20 for the second book.

Unfortunately the steady rise in value of the New Zealand dollar has pushed my pricing for Australia, where I had kept to a round figure at the cost of a very thinly covered price, to a position that is now untenable. I have made a very small adjustment but I shall have to keep all the overseas pricing under review. Appreciation against the US dollar has been huge and I have at last had to reflect that. If the currency values move the other way I shall review prices downwards.

In recent years the movement of currencies has combined with increases for postage and with new bank charges for handling cheques and for moving money from Britain and I have tended to find myself selling at a loss in real terms. Pricing on the basis of printing costs of about 1900 means that dollars received more than a decade later are worth much less. Purchase via Genfair also has to mean a higher price to cover Genfair charges. Thus the most effective selling basis for the buyer and for me has become currency notes by mail, cashable immediately here at the exchange rate of the day. On that basis the pair of books by economy airmail can just sell for 30 pounds sterling. Adding the items from Act3 would mean about 40 pounds.


Credit card purchases for both books are available through the online FFHS genealogy store. The books still come by airmail from New Zealand. The prices are necessarily higher but you have the convenience of the credit card and you save the time and postage and cheque cost in ordering direct by mail. If you order on a weekday the book(s) will normally be in the mail the same day or the next day. The site is www.genfair.co.uk. Paying in currency is still cheaper and is not significantly slower.


Stocks of the 1998 book are now well depleted but should last through 2011/12. "Act 2" became available mid-September 2002 and has been selling well. Most purchasers are buying both books, drawing down stocks of both to a possible stock-out by the end of 2012. The potential market is huge in comparison with the stocks of books and the effect of exposure on the internet is impossible to judge. This web page has been seeing a steady stream of visitors from the outset, far more than I ever expected.