This is the story of families descended from Samuel Watkinson of Stantons, Black Notley. He was the 16th and youngest child of John Watkinson and Mary Beadle of Black Notley Hall and is shown as #111G in Tree 1. The story is taken as far as Eliza Ellen Brown. She went from Essex to become the second wife of George Muller, a pork butcher in London. We are not aware of the eventual descent from some of the other Watkinson lines in this tree.

You may have found this web page because you have an interest in someone who appears in it. If so, then we shall be most interested to know who you are and where you have a link with this Watkinson family. We have much more on other lines of descent in these Watkinson trees. If you take the link to the home page (which relates to my genealogy books) you can find contact details in the pricing page and you can also visit otherfamily tree pages.
Michael W. Foster

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1 Samuel WATKINSON (1760-1826) [513]

 Chapman & Andr‚'s map 1777 gives Staunton Farm. Acc. Arthur Mee, 600yrs old.
 Samuel was admitted to the Bocking Independent Chapel 3/5/1821 and on 8/7/21
 he "sat down". He says  "I took Sandpitts Farm in Terling into my own occup-
 ation at Michaelmas 1809".  He built a "new house at Terling" 1811, for which
 he bought red brick and white brick. Sandpitts deeds show a part share to Saml
 in 1792. His Journal shows him farming actively through 1826 & he perhaps died
 suddenly.  He was bled on 7/11/1822 and on 25/5/1824.
Sp. Sarah DAVEY (1770-1851) [514]; m. 31 Mar 1791, Felstead

 On July 10th 1825 Samuel records in his Journal "My wife went to Meeting for
 the first time after her illness".
 We have a letter from Rosalind Cousins saying Sarah "died 1851 aged 60", an
 age that seems wrong.  Black Notley burial register at ERO shows Sarah Watkinson of
Bocking buried 29/1/1831 aged 60 and this really does look like Sarah
 Davey.  The GRO deaths index shows a Sarah Watkinson, Braintree, 1851/Q1,
 vol XII p13.  Probably worth getting.  We have no apparent Sarah who fits.
   11 Samuel WATKINSON (1792-1879) [510]

    The 1851 census shows Samuel (59) and Jane (53) at Stantons (300 acres)
   Sp. Jane FORDHAM (1797-1860) [511]; m. 27 Jul 1815

    The witnesses at the marriage of Jane and Samuel were :
      Michael Fordham, Mary Granger, Daniel Watkinson, John Nash
    Jane's death is registered as Jane Fordham Watkinson, and the cause was
      111 Jane WATKINSON (1817-1843) [642]

       BN Parish Regs show Jane buried 2/1/1844 aged 26.  This is clearly her.
      112 Mary Ann WATKINSON (1819-1840) [643]

       Another sad loss of a young life.  Only in 1839 Mary Ann was the informant at
       the death of her grandfather Michael Fordham when he died aged 71.
      113 Samuel WATKINSON (1820- ) [512]

       ERO has Samuel Watkinson marrying Mary Ann Laver 1846, GRO 1846/Q2 vol12 p15
       Billericay. This Samuel may be the Saml W listed as a farmer and commission
       agent in White Notley in 1860. The 1851 census index shows Samuel, Mary Ann,
       Emily and Ellen in Writtle, folio 31, aged 30, 29, 3 and 6 mo, a perfect fit.
       Probate index has Samuel Watkinson d 12/7/1896 at Walton, grocer. A possible
       third child of the family.  GRO deaths index shows age 45.
      Sp. Mary Ann LAVER ( - ) [1282]; m. 19 Apr 1846, Shenfield parish church

       Mary Ann's father was James Laver, farming in Shenfield when Mary Ann married.
       Two links of Watkinsons and lavers have emerged. Samuel's brother John later
       married Charlotte Brown, a widow who was born Charlotte Laver and was sister
       to Mary Ann.
         1131 Emily WATKINSON ( - ) [1283]

          The probate calendar for 1932 shows an Emily Watkinson dying on 30/3/1932, a
          spinster, in Parsonage Street, Halstead.  Her estate was worth œ12000.
          The GRO deaths index shows her in 1932/Q2, Halstead, vol 4a page 862, age 81.
          This looks a shade young but still makes this a possible reference to our
         1132 Ellen WATKINSON (1850- ) [1284]
      114 Sarah WATKINSON (1822-1827) [644]

       The dates of birth and death, given clearly by her younger sister Eliza, do
       not tally with the Black Notley burial record, buried aged 7, daughter of
       Samuel and Jane.  Did Eliza get the dates wrong?  She seems to have written
       all the family dates down at one time, and no earlier than 1864 because she
       gives the death of Emma.
      115 Eliza WATKINSON (1824-1908) [509]

       It is possible that it was Eliza who made the later entries in the Watkinson
       farm journal. Firstly, the only marriage recorded is Eliza's. Secondly, all
       the later entries seem to be made at one time, no earlier than 1864 (death
       of Emma). Thirdly, the journal passed to Eliza Ellen Brown, Eliza's daughter.
       Eliza's death entry say she was the widow of Daniel Brown. The informant was
       L E Muller, her granddaughter (Lilian Eva Muller, then 19).
      Sp. Daniel BROWN (1821- ) [508]; m. 8 Dec 1842, Bocking IC

       When Eliza Ellen Brown and Georg Muller married in 1874, Daniel & Eliza were
       witnesses to the marriage.  In the 1851 census Daniel/Eliza are at New Lodge
        Lt Waltham, farming 200 ac with 8 labourers, Eliza Ellen the only child. In
       1881 they are at Milch Hill, Felstead, 59/57, 40 ac. Also g/dau Ellen Muller
       (4) b Felstead & gson William 2 (b Bow).  New Lodge is now Park Fm. Once maybe
       part of Lord Waltham's New Hall estate.
         1151 Phoebe BROWN (1843-1844) [900]

          From the Bocking End Chapel, a gravestone inscription reads :
          "In memory of Pheby daughter of Danl & Eliza Brown who died Jany 19th 1844
          aged 14 weeks".
         1152 Eliza Ellen BROWN (1847-1922) [297]

          Lived at 137 Kempton Rd, East Ham.  She was a widow in 1922 (date of will) and
          L J Cheeswright, widow, also lived there. Alec "Eliza was very happy there" &
          was healthy and active.  Earlier lived at Westcliff, Essex.
          Furniture went in horse/cart hired by Jn Chas Muller.  Alec went with him.
          Probably made a new will in 1922 because Rosina had died in 1921. Used Copland
          a Chelmsford solicitor.
          Birth reg Chelmsford, 4Q/1847, vol XII, p45.
         Sp. Johann_Georg_Philip Wlhlm Michael MULLER (1833-1897) [296]; m. 17 Mar 1874, Parish Church, Felsted, Essex

          Georg came from Germany aged 18 in 1853, via the Rainbow from R'dam.
          Died suddenly when undoing his hunting boots. Believed buried at Black Notley
          (Alec).  See census entry for 224 Bow Rd, 1881, ref RG11/488.
          All IGI records for Muller are entered as Mueller. Georg's father was given on
          his marriage certificates as Gottfried Muller, farmer (deceased by 1861 or
          earlier). Georg was naturalised 1868, stating that he had an English wife and
          four children.
          The probate register for 1897 shows his will :
          Muller Georg Michael  of 7 Plashet Lane Upton Park Essex died 9 June 1897
          Probate London 14 July to Eliza Ellen Muller widow.  Effects £150.
            11521 Ellen Margaretha MULLER (1876- ) [1288]

             An Ellen Muller is shown in the 1881 census at the home of her grandparents
             Daniel & Eliza Brown at Gt Leighs, aged 4.  The Cath's entry for her birth is
             clearly Ellen Margaretha Muller.  Therefore it seems very likely that this is
             the only Ellen born to GMM and Eliza and it is she who married George Hare.
            11522 William Henry MULLER (1878- ) [1289]

             William Muller appears in the 1881 census at the home of g/parents Daniel &
             Eliza Brown, aged 2, born in Bow.  This is our first knowledge of him.
             Colin has found his birth record in St Cath's, and full name.  Date and place
             of birth come from his birth certificate.
             Is William Henry perhaps the Henry who later became Paul Beresford ?
            11523 John Charles MULLER (1880-1951) [283]

             #Alec gives his birth date as 3/3/1880.
             His name was changed from Muller to Miller by deed dated 2/12/22.  Then living
             East Ham.  A witness of the Deed was A G Thurlow of 33 Frinton Road.
             Also lived 22 Byron Ave, Little Ilford.  John had a serious accident in 1922
             when working on scaffolding on Mary Sumner Ho.  Coping collapsed and smashed
             the scaffolding.  Two mates were killed.  John was long in hospital and only
            received £250 in compensation.  Times were hard, no work, no money.  Eva was
             already out at work as a shorthand typist.  Alec was about 11.  Money from the
             compensation went to buy a 3-piece suite, two tub chairs which are still
             with Colin. Alec has recalled that there were two pictures on the mantelpiece in
            the Frinton Road house, frames with scraps of woods from an aircraft propellor and
            that the hub of the propellor had a clock inset.
             (From the marriage film I read John's address as 22 Dyson Avenue, perhaps my
             mistake or perhaps an error in the quarterly copy). Maud's address was at 36
             Ridley Road, West Ham. The witnesses were Louisa Mary Towner and Louisa C
             Towner. And yes, she appeared as Maud Amy in the marriage record.
            Sp. Amy Maud TOWNER (1880-1956) [284]; m. 30 Aug 1902, St Barnabas, Little Ilford

             Known as Maud, but Amy appears on marriage cert which shows her as Maud Amy.
             Lived at 36 Ridley Rd, West Ham.
             Photo of Louisa & Amy at Godwin Rd School, off Sebert Rd & Ridley Rd (letter
             from Merjorie Venner 6/9/89).
             Alec gives birth date as 22/5, not 23/4.
             The 1881 census shows her as Amy Maud.
            11524 Minnie Rosina MULLER (1882-1921) [299]

             Lived at 139 Kempton Road, East Ham (from death entry).
             Her birth was registered as Minnie Rosina but we originally had her recorded
             as Rosina Minnie. The death record says she was the wife of Thomas William
             Peggs, clerk at the labour exchange. Minnie died of bronchopneumonia. The
             informant was her son J G Peggs.
            Sp. Thomas William PEGGS ( - ) [331]

             Reported to have been a drunkard. Favourite pub the Duke's Head.
            11525 Ellen Margaretha MULLER ( - ) [300]

             "Nellie". Her address at marriage was 22 Byron Avenue, Little Ilford. Eliza
             Ellen Muller was a witness.
            Sp. George HARE ( - ) [716]; m. 11 Apr 1903, St Barnabas, Little Ilford

             George was 37 at marriage and a widower, 11 years older than Ellen. He was a
             clerk. His father, deceased, was Henry Hare.
             The 1881 census shows a large Hare family at 11 Upper North Street, Poplar.
             Henry and Ann were the parents (Henry a dock foreman) and George at 15 was a
             railway clerk. There were 8 children, aged 2 to 18, all born in Poplar. Henry
             was aged 50 in 1881.
            11526 Paul BERESFORD ( - ) [298]

             Went to San Diego as a minister.  Name changed from Henry Muller.  Had a lady
             friend Jessie, daughter of a cathedral dean. Eileen & Mary O'Connor remember him in
             New Zealand about 1924 en route to America.  A tall man wearing a brown habit
             with a white cord, a large crucifix, and (Eileen) open sandals of leather
             strips and without socks. Lillian had a new habit made during his visit.
             Eileen recalls that he was asked to reassure his mother that her Lillian was
             doing well in New Zealand, perhaps not entirely true at that time.
             The US Social Security Death Index 1929/93 (Nat Liby Wellington) shows only
             one Paul Beresford who comes near fitting.  He is shown as Paul Beresford,
             born 26/1/1880, social security no. 088-26-9085, state of issuance being New
             York.  He died in January 1963.  All other Paul Beresfords in the index were
             born in the US.  This entry has no birth place.  John Charles was born on
             20/1/1880.  Could Paul have been a twin ?
             Alec Miller says that Paul Beresford and his friend Jessie Heaps used to visit
             the Millers in Frinton Road and enjoyed singsongs.  John Charles & Paul sang
             Amy played the piano.  Jessie worked for the League of Nations.  Her father
             was Dean of Chichester Cathedral.  Alec mentioned Baynham St, Plaistow.
             His name was changed by Deed Poll of 7/11/1919 (S Watkinson will a/cc)
            11527 Sidney James MULLER (1886-1909) [501]

             Drowning of Sidney Muller is recorded on the Muller family grave in Tower
             Hamlets Cemetery (Colin), confirming the date.
            11528 Lilian Eva MULLER (1889-1941) [301]

             We had believed she came to NZ in 1913, but the Intention to Marry, dated
             14/2/1916, noted residence period as 18 months. Worked at Wellington Hospital.
             Photo with Mrs Eckersley, a Petone identity and close friend.
             Wedding was conducted by Rev. J.G.M.Barra.  Name was given as Miller.
             Apparently came to NZ via Canada - perhaps this was another option for her ?
             Was she christened Eva after her aunt Eva Maria Gotzinger ?  In the Electoral
             Roll of 1931 her name is Lilian Eva. To Canada in a Salvation Army scheme.
            Sp. Jeremiah Seamus O'CONNOR (1885-1961) [356]; m. 17 Feb 1916, St Joseph's, Buckle Street, Wellington

             Jeremiah came to New Zealand about 1912.  He worked in the Wellington docks
             and in a warehouse.  Passionate against the Black and Tans.  Keen gardener,
             and looked after WHB grounds after retirement.  Les Molloy remembers digging
             in his garden. Our photo of Jeremiah & Lillian is probably at the 1940
             Centennial Exhibition.
             The Electoral Rolls of 1931 and 1935 show Jeremiah and Lilian Eva at 18 High
             Street, Petone, he a labourer, she as "married".  The Post Office Directory
             for 1924 simply shows Jeremiah O'Connor, labourer, at 18 High Street.  At
             no.16 was Matthew Sharpe dairyman and at no.20 Mrs Gilmour.  They were on the
             right-hand side of High Street from Cuba Street.
            11529 Ethel Daisy MULLER (1889-1890) [530]

             A twin of Lillian Muller, thought to have drowned aged 11, but the burial
             entry gives her age as 4 months which fits the birth and burial dates, and
             the official death entry again confirms it. Cause of death is given as
             marasmus. Daisy is from the birth entry. The death entry has Daisey. Marasmus
             is a "wasting of the body", more a symptom than a disease.
            1152A Augusta Maria MULLER (1884-1886) [1424]

             Augusta's burial was at the age of 8 months, so that she was born about May
             1885.  Her reg. no. at the cemetery is 558. Her death entry has given us Maria
             as her second name. She died of croup and bronchitis (10 days) and from
             exhaustion. The informant was Eliza Muller, her step sister. (The death entry
             says she was 18 months old).
      116 John WATKINSON (1827-1902) [645]

       The 1881 census shows John a widower (53), b Black Notley, a retired farmer,
       living at Rose Cottage, Sandon.  There are 2 children Ada and Henry, both 13,
       born at Bocking (John would have been about 42). There is also Ann Bacon, unmarried
       h/keeper, aged 55.
       GRO deaths show Charlotte Watkinson, d 1874/Q1 aged 48, i.e.
       born c1826, which is about right.  Sarah Jane Brown a witness at his marr.
       John Watkinson appears in the probate calendar for 1902, showing the death of
       John Watkinson gentleman of Sandon Essex.  Probate was granted to Edward
       Holmes, solicitor, the value of his effects being £1576 2s 8d.  The GRO deaths
       index confirms the death of John Watkinson in 1902/Q3 4a 296, at the age of
       He left his possessions equally between his two children (Ada is still shown
       as Ada Watkinson).
      Sp. Charlotte LAVER ( - ) [1753]; m. 29 Dec 1865, Bocking parish church

       Charlotte's father was James Laver, but she was a widow when she married John
       Watkinson, having previously married a Daniel William Brown, son of Wm Brown
       (1846/Q1 vol12 p11). Daniel William was 27 at marriage. This entry confirmed
       Charlotte as sister to Mary Ann Laver.
       The informant when Charlotte died was C Brown of Bradford St, Bocking
       Witnesses at the marriage of John & Charlotte were Joseph Laver and Sarah
       Jane Brown.
         1161 Ada WATKINSON (1867- ) [1754]
         1162 Henry John WATKINSON (1867-1931) [1755]

          Henry John Watkinson appears in the probate calendar for 1931.  The value of
          his effects was œ1719 5s 11d. The death informant was Anne Murray, sister in
          law. The death entry is in the name of John Henry. Probate was granted to his
          widow Sophia.
         Sp. Sophia UNKNOWN ( - ) [1756]
      117 Henry WATKINSON (1828-1836) [646]
      118 Jane Sarah WATKINSON (1830- ) [647]

       Her father's will calls her Jane Sarah Brown (widow) and children. It was hard
       to see a marriage of Jane Sarah in St Cath's, but perhaps Sarah Watkinson in
       in Braintree 1849/Q4, ref XII p64.  A John Brown has the same reference. The
       1872 will mentions 7 chn. The 1849 marriage has proved correct. Sarah was 18,
       dau of Samuel Watkinson of Staunton's Farm. John Brown was a farmer, of Nail-
       brook Farm Mountnessing, son of Wm Brown. They were married at Bocking IC
       by Revd Thomas Craig. We now have the GRO death entry, and this gives her
       simply as Sarah Watkinson.
       The 1881 census has Sarah Jane Brown, widow 50, Bradford St, Bocking, b Black
       Notley. Also Margaret J Brown, dau 17, draper's assistant, b W Notley. GRO
       only has Margaret Jane Brown b 1863/Q2 reg Blything 4a 703, which was Emma's
       home. The age of 50 is a perfect fit.
      Sp. John BROWN ( - ) [954]; m. 20 Nov 1849, Bocking Independent Chapel

       St Cath's marriages for 1849/Q4 show a Sarah Watkinson and a John Brown with
       the same Braintree page reference, vol 12 p64. This has proved correct. John's
       father was William Brown, farmer, and the marriage entry says that John Brown
       was a farmer at Nailbrook Farm, Mountnessing.
      119 Emma WATKINSON (1832-1864) [648]

       In the 1851 census Emma was at Stantons aged 18, with John (23) and Lydia (15).
      Samuel Watkinson's will (her father) refers to her three children, who must have
       been born in the period 1854/64.  Several GRO entries were checked without success.
       Martha Brooks, Blything 4a 645 (yr?) - perhaps died ?
       Emma and Thomas Brooks were married at Black Notley church.  Samuel & Lydia were the
       witnesses.  Emma's death registration sadly reports accidental poisoning.
       Much more information has now emerged.  The probates index for 1884 has the
       granting of administration for the personal estate of Thomas Downing Brooks
       snr of œ6270 to his son Thomas Downing Brooks of Gt Bentley, farmer, "one of
       the next of kin".  This told us that the Brooks family were back in Essex from
       Suffolk and the 1881 census tells us even more.  Emma's children were Thomas,
       Eleanor and Charles Henry.  Emma's husband remarried, to Anna, and they had
       produced 11 more children by 1881 (Anthony 13, Albert 12, Anna 11, Edith L 10,
       Flora L 9, Alberta 8, Violet K 6, Gertrude 5, Augusta M 3, Wilfred 1 and Maude
       E M 7 days).  Two visitors at the farm on census day were Lucy Tunmer
       (Turner?) and Emily Hurron and a quick search found that Thomas's second wife
       was Anna Hurren, 1866/Q2, Blything 4a 1027.  The two oldest children were born
       in Weeley, the next 8 in Sibton (where Emma died) and the last 4 in Gt
       Bentley.  I have now included Emma's three children in the record.
       Perhaps significantly, Charles Henry was born in 1864/Q3 and Emma died on
       26/7/64.  The 1881 census shows Thomas as aged 34 but he should be 54.  Anna
       Hurren is also shown as 34 in 1881 so may well have been 19 at the marriage in
       1866.  The farm at Gt Bentley is shown in the census as Sturrick Farm.
      Sp. Thomas Downing BROOKS (chr.1826) [921]; m. 20 Jul 1854, Black Notley parish church

       His name is shown as Gowning in the GRO index, but as Downing in the IGI, son of
       Thomas Downing Brooks and Lucy.  He was farming at Weeley at the time of their
       marriage. Per Sheila Jones - Sfk Landowners 1873 incl J D Brooks (Sibton) and
       Thomas Brooks (Felsham nr Bury St Eds)
       The marriage entry confirms his father as Thomas Downing Brooks, auctioneer.
       The probates index records that Thomas snr died on 1/8/1884 at Peckham House in
       Peckham.  He estate was £6270 13s 9d.
       A surprise in the probates index is an entry for 1896 for a Thomas Downing
       Brooks, a grocer of Weeley, who died on 21 August 1833.  He was probably the
       grandfather of Emma's husband.  A previous grant was made by the PCC in
       November 1833.  The effects were valued at £120 and administration was granted
       to Thomas Downing Brooks, farmer, with will.
         1191 Thomas Downing BROOKS ( -1931) [1771]

          The probates index records Thomas Downing Brooks of Sturrick Farm, Gt Bentley,
          who died 16/1/1931.  Probate was granted on 24 March to the Westminster Bank
          and Vernon Evelyn Marshall, solicitor.  His effects had a value of œ16690 18s
         1192 Eleanor BROOKS ( - ) [1772]
         1193 Charles Henry BROOKS (1864- ) [1773]

          Charles died only a month after the death of his young mother Emma.
      11A Elizabeth WATKINSON (1834-1843) [649]

       The Black Notley registers, transcription at ERO, shows "Elizabeth Whatkinson
       buried 27/1/1843 aged 8" and this would be in line with date of birth. Closer
       examination of the journal entry shows date of death as 1843 and not 1845 as
       we had earlier taken. She died of "disease of the heart" (GRO) aged 8 3/4 yrs
       and the informant was Samuel Watkinson.
      11B Lydia WATKINSON (1836-1892) [650]
      Sp. Thomas REVELL ( - ) [920]; m. 17 Oct 1868, Black Notley

       Thomas Revell is mentioned in the will of Samuel Watkinson 1872 as the husband
       of Lydia.  Two other Revell marriages are in St Cath's, William 1866/Q4 & John
       1868/Q4, both Dunmow. Thomas (31) was a widower at marriage to Lydia.
       The 1881 census shows Lydia(45) and Thomas(43) at Cremorne Villa, Gt Leighs.
       Thomas, born Braintree, is a retired farmer.  There is also a son Albert Thos
       W Revell (10), b Gt Leighs, perhaps an only child.
         11B1 Albert Thomas W REVELL (1870- ) [1788]
   12 Sarah WATKINSON (1793-1793) [605]
   13 John WATKINSON (1794-1794) [606]
   14 Daniel WATKINSON (1795-1827) [607]

    The Farm Jnl records "26th May 1812 Daniel and myself went to Mr Townends and
    next day to London".  Papers found in Fremantle revealed Daniel's son Daniel
    Watkinson Easter, born 1827.  Daniel's will has revealed the earlier son Henry
    Pledger.  He left annuities and lump sums to both.
    Daniel's will says the second child was born "on or about the first day of
    January last" (ie 1827) but this may have been mistranscribed.
   Sp. Daughter PLEDGER ( - ) [1458]

    We only know this young lady from Daniel Watkinson's will and he fails to name
    her.  James Pledger of Cressing, labourer, is named as the grandfather of her
    young son Henry so she must be James's daughter.  Young Henry was in the care
    of grandfather Henry when Daniel wrote his will in 1827.
      141 Henry PLEDGER (1820- ) [1459]

       Henry was remembered in Daniel's will with œ6 a year for 7 years to be paid to
       his grandfather James Pledger of Cressing, labourer.  At age 14 he would be
       given œ20 as a premium to a master who would take him as an apprentice and on
       reaching 21 "I will and direct he be paid the sum of one hundred pounds to
       enable him to go into some small business should he think fit to do so ..."
   Sp. Sarah EASTER ( - ) [1121]

    Sarah was given a legacy of œ50 in Daniel's will.  The IGI records the
    marriage of a Sarah Easter to William Brock on 11/11/1836 at White Notley,
    where Daniel Watkinson Easter had been baptised.
      142 Daniel Watkinson EASTER (1827- ) [1122]

       When Daniel Watkinson Easter was baptised at White Notley his father may well
       have been present.  Young Daniel was left œ100 as a legacy by his father, to
       be paid at the age of 21, "which event happened on 21 January 1848".
       St Cath's records that he married in 1852/Q4, reference Chelmsford 4a 229.
       The marriage certificate shows both Daniel and Charlotte as resident in
       Danbury, Daniel being a wheelwright.  One witness was William Easter.
      Sp. Charlotte COLLIS ( - ) [1528]; m. 11 Oct 1852, New Independent Chapel, Chelmsford

       Charlotte's father was William Collis, Pastry Cook
   15 John WATKINSON (1797- ) [608]

    Samuel's Farm Journal says "Apr 4th 1815 John went to live with Mr Gedge in
    London".  And again "Octr 10th 1821 John went to London".
    An earlier entry says "June 11th 1813 John went to Dr Dixon's was articled
    July 13th 1813 (though came away 10th Feby 1815)".
   16 Henry WATKINSON (1800-1823) [609]

    Acc Samuel W's journal, Henry's funeral text was Psalm 19, v 14 "Let the words
    of my mouth and the meditations of my heart ...".  June 19 was a Thursday.
    BN Parish Reg describes Henry as a farmer.  Elsewhere in the Journal he says
    Henry was "taken in a fit May 25th 1823, died June 12th, buried June 19th".
    Samuel also writes "Octr 5th 1820. Henry killed 2 pheasants".
   17 Sarah WATKINSON (1801-1827) [610]

    Sarah shares a gravestone in Black Notley churchyard with her younger brother
    Joseph. The gravestone gave us her married name of Smith.  It turns out that
    John Smith was eight years her senior.
    Samuel's farm journal says "April 22nd 1819 Sarah was married, aged 18 years
    2 months".  Daniel Watkinson's will written 23/3/1827 refers to "my sister
    Sarah Smith of Cold Hall, Panfield, widow".
   Sp. John SMITH (1793-1826) [752]; m. 22 Apr 1819

    John Smith is mentioned in Samuel Watkinson's Will of 1826, as then deceased.
    Samuel's farm journal contains the entry "May 27th 1826. Died my Son in Law
    Mr John Smith aged 32, born August 13, 1793", from which the above entries are
   18 Joseph WATKINSON (1803-1827) [611]

    Black Notley Parish Registers give burial date and describe Joseph as a
    solicitor of Braintree.  Bocking IC register confirms birth/baptism dates.
    Samuel's Farm Journal says "Decr 1st 1818 Joseph went to Kelvedon. Jan 7th
    1819 Joseph was articled".
    The Farm Jnl also says "Apr 6th 1812 Joseph went to school with Mrs Smith".
   19 Charles WATKINSON (1805-1806) [612]