This is the detail, as far as we have it, of the earliest of our Watkinson family living in Essex. John Watkinson and Elizabeth Joslin of Black Notley Hall had a large family and John Watkinson's will shows him as a wealthy and successful man. His son John and his wife Mary Beadle also had a large family but lost most of their children in infancy or quite young.

Other web pages here trace the descending branches of the family and also the families of Welstead, Fordham, Barnard and Brown that were tied to the Watkinsons by marriage.

You may have found this web page because you have an interest in someone who appears in it. If so, then we shall be most interested to know who you are and where you have a link with this Watkinson family, in this page or one of the other pages. If you take the link to the home page (which relates to my genealogy books) you can find contact details in the pricing page.
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1 John WATKINSON ( -1713) [767]

 His will was signed at Rayne and witnessed by Thomas Shepherd, Minister of the
 Bocking Independent Meeting.  In it he asked to be buried at the Parish Church
 of Stambourne.  The will was proved 16/10/1713 (ERO - 23 MR 9). It was written
 in 1712. He gave 400 pounds to his daughter Sarah on reaching 21. He appears to have
 left nothing specifically to John.  He calls himself a yeoman.
 This John Watkinson is the earliest of our known Watkinsons in Essex. Despite the
fact that papers in Connecticut claim that Watkinsons were at Black Notley Hall for
500 years, there is not one Watkinson shown in the hearth tax records for Essex.
It is possible that John Watkinson comes from the Watkinsons of Glemsford in
Suffolk but we have no evidence.
Sp. Susanna  ( - ) [768]
   11 John WATKINSON (1690-1755) [517]

    This Watkinson line came first from the Watkinson farm journal in the Essex RO. We had
    photos of several pages of family info written by Samuel #513 and probably Eliza #509.
    Peter W (Colchester) said the 1734 Essex Freeholders list had Jno W gentleman
    aged 46 with land at Black Notley. The story has since extended very greatly.
    His will of 1750 shows him owning several farms in Essex/Suffolk, giving one to
   each of his sons. He shows his wife as Sarah, suggesting a 2nd marriage after
   Elizabeth Joslin died in 1743.
   Sp. Elizabeth JOSLIN (1689-1743) [518]; m. 1713

    Bob Milbank gave Elizabeth's death as 8/11/1743 at 54 from the Bocking PR but
    my check of the PR gives 8/8/1743 at age 54.
    IGI shows Elizabeth Joslin, dau of Richard Joslin, baptised Mountnessing
    20/2/1688.  This is quite a good match to our Elizabeth.  Batch no. C047471.
      111 John WATKINSON (1714-1801) [515]

       Described as a "yeoman" in the Sandpitt Farm deeds.
       Black Notley Hall & barns were painted by Colin Miller in 1941.
       Dagnet Farm records show John Watkinson owning both Stantons and Gardiner's
       Farm (now part of Dagnets).  Also owned the Hall. Possibly this John or his
       His will proved 11/3/1801 (ERO - D/ABR 29/353)
      Sp. Mary BEADLE (1719-1793) [516]

       Sandpitts Farm is now Sandy Pitts.  Baptism date is from IGI. There were three
       John/Elizabeth Beadles then raising families in Terling, Fairstead & Stanford
       Rivers. I have taken the Terling references as our family.  Elizabeth & Mary
       are the only ones shown in the IGI. Mary's will proved 20/9/1793 (D/DU 751/18)
       Eliz Livermore "May 6 1793 died at Notley Mr Jn Watkinson's wife a member of
       ye church at ye great meeting & was buried on Thursday afternoon May 8th in
       Notley churchyard, laid by her 11 children".
         1111 Mary WATKINSON (1737-1757) [1378]

          In what is believed to be the Watkinson bible, included in film T/B 457 in the
          ERO (Stebbing Barnard Family), Mary is confirmed for us.  We previously had
          her born in 1740, but the film clearly says "My daughter Mary was born 15 Dec
          1737..."  John (1) is then shown born 30/1/1738, almost certainly impossible,
          but the sequence of John Watkinson's record must surely be right.
          The Black Notley parish reg shows Mary Watkinson dau of John/Mary Watkinson
          buried 15/8/1757.
         1112 John (1) WATKINSON (1738-1739) [1063]

          The Bocking IC register shows John Watkinson who must have died in infancy.
          It is likely that he died after Thomas was born.  The following two children
          were girls, so the name of John was not used until the next boy arrived.
         1113 Thomas WATKINSON (1739-1774) [602]

          9/11/1774 was a Friday, acc Samuel W's journal.
          A will for Thomas Watkinson was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
          in August 1774 and for another Thomas W in May 1797.  Could this be his son ?
          Dates of birth for John (1) and Thomas differ from the Watkinson bible. There
          is something slightly wrong somewhere.  The wills are no. 326 & 387 resp.
          Date of birth is confirmed by John Watkinson's family entry.
         1114 Elizabeth (1) WATKINSON (1741-1741) [1064]

          The Bocking IC register shows Elizabeth, born in Black Notley in 1741 and
          dying the same year.  Elizabeth fills a gap in John and Mary's family.  As
          with the first non-surviving John, Elizabeth is not mentioned in the Farm Jnl
          and our only record is from the microfilm of the Bocking registers.
          According to Jn Watkinson's family record, Elizabeth lived for 13 weeks.
         1115 John (2) WATKINSON (1743-1743) [1065]

          According to Jn Watkinson's family record, this John lived four weeks and
          three days
         1116 John (3) WATKINSON (1744- ) [1384]
         1117 Elizabeth (2) WATKINSON (1745- ) [1383]
         1118 Sarah WATKINSON (1746-1820) [600]

          Acc Samuel W's journal, her funeral text was
          Psalm 23 - 4th verse, Psalm 39 2nd part, 31 Hymn 2 Book, Psalm 23 Common Time
          Witnesses at the marriage of Sarah and Robert, at Black Notley, were Thomas
          Watkinson and Daniel Watkinson (her cousin, the tallow chandler, aged 20 ?)
          Info on Sarah/Robt's chn has come from David & Pendril Brown in Canada and
          from Mick Peck in Herts.  Pendril has also given us a dau Mary, marrying
          Joseph Holland of Lt Bardfield. Was the marriage 30/3 or 17/4 ?
         Sp. Robert BARNARD (1745-1817) [615]; m. 17 Apr 1767, Black Notley

          Acc Samuel W's journal, he died "at night".  He was probably born 1740/45.
          In 1939 Samuel Geoffrey Ratcliff bought Black Notley Hall from "the late Mr
          Osmond Barnard" (Rosalind Cousins).  Osmond Barnard possibly descended from
          Robt Barnard & Sarah. Colin met Mr Ratcliff at a Mid-Essex Coursing Club mtg
          c1861 & discussed the Watkinsons with him.
          Robt Barnard was probably a nephew of Abraham Barnard & execr of his Will. He
          lived at Holts, Stebbing (as did Abraham) [Watkinson Journal]
         1119 Elizabeth (3) WATKINSON (1747-1747) [1382]

          Elizabeth (3) is only known via the Watkinson bible.  She is said to have
          lived 20 weeks and 1 day, on which I have based the date of death.
         111A Susannah WATKINSON (1748-1796) [601]

          Susannah is called "Sukey Clement" in a family listing of 1863 by Edward Blair
          Watkinson.  Her marriage is in the IGI Supplt, call no. 458903, fm a relative.
          Eliz Livermore's diary: "Died some time in January 1796 Mrs Clement of
          Panfield Priory aged about 40 her maiden name Sukey Watkinson of Stantons.
          Left four children.  She has been ----- six years of a consumptive disorder".
          Elizabeth must have the age wrong.
         Sp. Stephen CLEMENT (bur.1819) [690]; m. 19 Oct 1780, Black Notley

          The Bocking End Chapel shows a Stephen Clement as a deacon/trustee about 1810.
          This could be Stephen the husband of Susannah or, less likely, their son.
          Bocking registers show Stephen Clement of Panfield buried 26/9/1819 aged 74,
          which fits well.
         111B Elizabeth (4) WATKINSON (1749- ) [1381]

          Elizabeth comes from the Watkinson bible. As Mick Peck notes, her date of
          birth can't be right if Susannah was born on 10/12/1748.  She must have died
          before Elizabeth (5) was born in 1755.
         111C Samuel (1) WATKINSON (1751-1757) [1379]

          This was the first Samuel born to John & Mary.  John records that he was born
          on Monday 12 March 1751.  Died on a Tuesday, wrote John, which tallies with
          the date of 22 Feb 1757.
         111D Unnamed WATKINSON (1753-1753) [1423]

          John Watkinson's family record says: "My wife Mary was brot to bed with a gurl
          on Monday 15 January, now still and in ye year one thousand seven hundred
          fifty three which lived 3 weeks and 1 day".
          This is the last of John and Mary's children to be discovered, bringing the
          total to 16.  This also ties in perfectly with Elizabeth Livermore's report
          that Mary Beadle was "laid by her 11 children" as we know that five others
          survived or in the case of Thomas (died 1774) were probably buried elsewhere.
         111E John (4) WATKINSON (1754-1784) [603]

          We have John's date of death from the Watkinson bible.  It is written "died
          about 8 o'clock Saturday morning 18/9/1784".
         111F Elizabeth (5) WATKINSON (1755- ) [1380]

          We only know this Elizabeth from what appears to be the Watkinson bible, via
          Mick Peck.  She was born on Tuesday 6 May 1755 and lived "about 18 weeks".
         111G Samuel WATKINSON (1760-1826) [513]

          Chapman & André's map 1777 gives Staunton Farm. Acc. Arthur Mee, 600yrs old.
          Samuel was admitted to the Bocking Independent Chapel 3/5/1821 and on 8/7/21
          he "sat down". He says  "I took Sandpitts Farm in Terling into my own occup-
          ation at Michaelmas 1809".  He built a "new house at Terling" 1811, for which
          he bought red brick and white brick. Sandpitts deeds show a part share to Saml
          in 1792. His Journal shows him farming actively through 1826 & he perhaps died
          suddenly.  He was bled on 7/11/1822 and on 25/5/1824.
         Sp. Sarah DAVEY (1770-1851) [514]; m. 31 Mar 1791, Felstead

          On July 10th 1825 Samuel records in his Journal "My wife went to Meeting for
          the first time after her illness".
          We have a letter from Rosalind Cousins saying Sarah "died 1851 aged 60", an
          age that seems wrong.  Black Notley burial register at ERO shows Sarah Watkinson of
         Bocking buried 29/1/1831 aged 60 and this really does look like Sarah
          Davey.  The GRO deaths index shows a Sarah Watkinson, Braintree, 1851/Q1,
          vol XII p13.  Probably worth getting.  We have no apparent Sarah who fits.
      112 Robert WATKINSON ( - ) [754]

       Essex Record Office shows marriage of Robt Watkinson to Elizabeth TABOR 1740.
       As Tabor is a significant Braintree name this sounds more likely than Gater.
       His father's will in 1750 gave him "farms" in Shalford, at Shalford Green.
       But a family listing dated 1863 from Edward Blair Watkinson says that "Robert
       lived at Hackney, did not marry".
      Sp. Elizabeth GATER ( - ) [762]; m. 4 Dec 1740
      113 Samuel WATKINSON (1719-1771) [755]

       Will was proved 2/7/1771 (ERO - D/AMR 12/338). Samuel & Mary lived and farmed
       at Grand Courts, on the eastern outskirts of Felsted.  His father's will gave
       him a farm at Cressing, leased out in 1750. On his death the farm (Skills)
       passed by quitclaim to his son Samuel, described as Yeoman of Cressing.
       Eliz Livermore's diary May 11 1771 "This night died Mr Samuel Watkinson of
       Grand Courts".  A Samuel W was apprenticed 1738 to Joseph Knight, butcher of
       Gt Waltham, ť10.  Could it have been this Samuel ?
      Sp. Mary CLAPTON (1719-1771) [763]; m. 10 Oct 1740

       Eliz Livermore's diary Sept 1 1771 "The widow of Mr Samuel Watkinson of Grand
       Courts died this day. Kind Mr Davidson preached the funeral sermon 10/9/1771"
       ERO D/DTa F5
         1131 Samuel WATKINSON (1741-1811) [772]

          Will proved 4/10/1811 (ERO - D/ABR 30/460)
          Deeds of Skills Farm, Cressing.  Quitclaim by John Watkinson (Dr of Physick,
          London) and other chn of Sam Watkinson, Yeoman of Felstead decd, to their
          brother Sam Watkinson yeoman of Cressing. (Info via Mike Burnham)
          Info from the Bocking Meeting and also an entry in Saml Watkinson's Farm Jnl
          both give date of death as Sept 15th 1811, presumably this Samuel W.  The Jnl
          calls him "Mr Samuel Watkinson of Bocking".
         Sp. Ruth BECKWITH ( -1808) [778]; m. 26 Nov 1767

          Diary ref D/DTa F5 "1772 march 31 the wife of Mr Samuel Watkinson of Cressing
          brot to bed with a girl" (Her daughter Sarah).  Ibid. "1769 March 21 Mrs Ruth
          Watkinson of Cressing brot to bed with a boy" (son Samuel).  Ibid. "Thursday
          May 3 1792 ... I was present at the great mtg & ye wife of Mr Samuel Watkinson
          of Cressing gave in her experience of ye Lords gracious dealing with her soul
          from ye age of 16 years & up ...".  And earlier "Nov 26th 1767 Ruthy Beckwith
          married this day to Mr Samuel Watkinson of Grand Courts jnr, a good man".
         1132 John WATKINSON ( -1783) [773]

          On the death of Samuel Watkinson (#755) in 1771, there was a quitclaim by John
          Watkinson and the other children in favour of their eldest brother Samuel for Skills
          Farm in Cressing. John Watkinson is described as Dr of Physick, London, and must
          be the John Watkinson MD who wrote "An examination of a charge brought against
          inoculation ..." in 1777. His dates were 1742/83. the "examination" is on microfilm
         in the
          Turnbull Library, Wellington. Elizabeth Livermore's diary D/DTa F5 30/8 records -
          Saturday Aug 30 1783 "I hear Dr John Watkinson died some time this week of
          a fever".  A fiche of 18th century apprenticeships includes "John Watkinson,
          apprenticed to John Barnard of Colchester, apothecary, 1758, ť60". This sounds
          very much like our Dr John Watkinson who would have been about 15 years old at
          that time. We also know of several close links between the Watkinsons and the Barnards.
         1133 Mary WATKINSON (1745-1802) [774]

          Dsecribed by Robt Milbank of New Jersey as "Mary Watkinson of Felsted".
          Mary remarried after Robert Milbank died in 1780.  In 1784 she married the
          widowed John Lambert of Panfield Hall (who already had 7 children).  They
          emigrated to the USA in 1794. Bob Milbank says they took one of "their"
          children with them, so perhaps only one survived.
          Diary D/DTa F5 "Apr 18 1768 Miss Molly Watkinson of Grand Courts married this
          day to Mr Milbank a farmer & maltster"
         Sp. Robert MILBANK (1742-1780) [780]; m. 18 Apr 1768

          Described by Robert Milbank of New Jersey as "Robert Milbank of Gt Waltham".
          His will is long, detailed, and rather sad.
         Sp. John LAMBERT ( - ) [976]; m. 1784

          Elizabeth Livermore's diary Sat June 17th 1783 "The wife of John Lambert of
          Panfield Hall brot to bed this day with two girls.  She died soon after her
          delivery.  Her maiden name was Mary Sache(?)".
          #Helen McDonald-Hall of Graunt Courts knows Robin Newman of Panfield Hall.
         1134 Daniel WATKINSON (1747-1788) [775]

          The Bocking burial register notes that Daniel is "of Felsted, formerly tallow
          chandler in London".  Bailey's Directory of 1783 shows "Robert and Daniel
          Watkinson, Tallow Merchants, 77 Bishopsgate".
          The Bocking register also shows the burial of Daniel W, bachelor, Felsted,
          aged 21, on 20/8/1788. Did Daniel snr marry about 1766 and is the other Daniel
          his son ? Perhaps born in London ?  Will proved May 1789 P.C.C., ref no. 290
          Elizabeth Livermore's diary has a long passage on Daniel :
          Sat morning 3 o'clock Nov 19 1788 died Mr Daniel Watkinson a batchelor
          gentleman at his apartment in Grand Courts Farm.  I hear his disorder an
          asthma on his lungs and was buried in Great Meeting Yard in his family grave
          Thursday after, a loss to the family, where he resided and all the brethren
          sisters and relations and friends and acquaintance that knew him, a loss to
          myself as a friend and particular acquaintance, who used to speak to me every
          Lord's day as he passed me on the road going to Meeting and the very last time
          I saw him he spoke to me how I did and I then said "Sir when shall I have the
          pleasure of seeing you ?" and his answer as near as I can understand was I
          don't know and if I am informed right this was the Sabbath he went out which
          was on Lord's day October 19 as I forget to set it in my pocket book when I
          use to see him.
          Elizabeth may not have her dates quite right but paints a very personal
          picture.  Her diary is very hard to read, with the ink sometimes coming right
          through the page, and sometimes her writing is terrible.  But she has given us
          many little personal comments that are immensely valuable.  And she has given
          us a lot that brings together the story of Grand Courts and the several family
          members who have lived there, Samuel and Mary Watkinson, their sons Daniel and
          Robert, Michael Fordham, William Fordham Brown, an almost continuous tenure
          from the mid 1700s to the late 1800s.
         1135 Robert WATKINSON (1749-1817) [776]

          Bocking registers show "Robert Watkinson of Rayne, formerly of Felsted,
          buried 28/2/1817 aged 67" which fits perfectly. See also the note for Sarah's
          burial, which dovetails.
          We are not aware of any children of this marriage.
          He appears to have farmed at Grand Courts (see diary D/DTa F5 entry for 1795
          re death of his maiden aunt Ann Watkinson)
         Sp. Sarah BARNARD ( -1831) [786]; m. 16 Jul 1776

          Robt Milbank info gave "Sarah Unknown".  ERO lists Robt Watkinson marrying
          Sarah Barnard 1776 and this is clearly confirmed in the Will of Abraham
          Barnard.  Bocking register shows Sarah Watkinson relict of Robt Watkinson of
          Rayne & formerly of Grand Courts in the Parish of Felsted, aged 81 yrs, buried
          8/3/1834.  Eliz Livermore's diary "July 16th 1776 Robert Watkinson of Grand
          Courts Felsted married this morning to Miss Barnard of Stebbing, Holts".
         1136 Elizabeth WATKINSON (1751- ) [777]

          Diary D/DTa F5 "1773 Thursday December 16th miss Betty Watkinson of Grand
          Courts married ye morning after church to Mr Stooks a Spitalfields weaver".
          This marriage is also in the IGI 1997 supplement, Braintree 1773, submitted by
          a relative, call no. 457084.
         Sp. William STOKES ( - ) [787]; m. 16 Dec 1773, Braintree
      114 Richard WATKINSON ( -1750) [756]

       His father's will written on 9/11/1750 calls Richard his "late son".
       A family listing of 1863 by Edward Blair Watkinson, his direct descendant,
       calls him Richard Watkinson of Sible Hedingham.  Peter Murray - Richd a tanner
       in Sible Hedingham, d 18/6/1750. Will 484BR23 (ERO) left Gardeners Fm in Black
      Notley to his wife Mary, then to Samuel (50acres, held by Jn Watkinson snr, now part
       Dagnets). Also house/tanyard & trade stock at Hedingham to Samuel. Brother
       John to be executor.
      Sp. Mary SPARROW (1725-1772) [788]; m. "c1742"

       Peter Murray - Mary was the dau of Samuel Sparrow (1699-1791), a say-maker.
       She remarried in 1752, to John Revel of Lavenham, yarn maker.  Hence the
       Watkinson association with Lavenham.
       The family bible notes her death on June 25, 1772, aged 47 yrs.
         1141 Samuel WATKINSON (1745-1816) [789]

          Communications in 1768 were not quick. Samuel and Sarah married in June. Sarah's
         father  wrote to Samuel on 11 November from Mount Stewart "Your brother in law's
         letter of 18 Ult. informed of your marriage with my daughter Sally. I have nothing
         further to offer upon the occasion, further than most sincere prayers for your
         mutual happiness. A visit from you when business will allow will be extremely
         acceptable to your friends particularly to, Dear Sir, very affectionately yours,
         Blair". David wrote at greater length to Sarah.
          Robert Milbank tells us that Samuel and Sarah migrated to the United States in
          1795, taking with them 12 children.  Samuel was then 50 and Sarah 52, and they
          had been married for 27 years. They went to Middletown, Connecticut.
          This Samuel was a contemporary of Saml Watkinson of the Farm Jrnl. Three Samls
          were cousins.
          His g'father John Watkinson left him 12 acres known as Ratchins in B Notley.
          From the "Memorials" of Mrs Gilbert (formerly Ann Taylor, Lavenham friend of the
         Watkinson children) comes this description.  The Revd Isaac Taylor, her father,
         records that it was Mr Watkinson "in his pattens full three inches high, that
         him, bright shoe buckles and all, clear of the mud" who, at Lavenham, first
         availed himself  "on Sunday at least of a happy novelty of that age of marvels  -
         an umbrella ! And what sort of a thing was this ? A handle it had like the mast of
         a yacht and a covering of oil-skin tarpauling and whalebone ribs. The weight must
         have exceeded that of a soldier's mustket".
          Samuel/Sarah & family landed at Boston 5/10/1795.
          It has been said that the Watkinson trained their children well for their
         advancement in their bnew country. In almost every case they married "correctly" and
         formed the allicances with major families that were essential for success in a time
         trade was heavily dependent on absolute trust.
         Sp. Sarah BLAIR (1743-1819) [790]; m. 10 Jun 1768, Lavenham

          Sarah was a daughter of David Blair of Dalry, Ayrshire (source Edward Blair
          Watkinson).  He was Laird of Giffordland (Peter Murray).
          IGI shows Sarah Blair dau of David Blair baptised Dalry Ayr 24/5/1738 & again
          10/12/1742.  Perhaps the first infant Sarah died. Refs 7628701 & 8420130.
          Also, David Blair m Anne Blair, Dalry 19/8/1742.  Also four earlier baptisms
          of Margaret, William, Grissel & John, chn of David Blair, Dalry in 1730/31/34/
          40. Perhaps David remarried in 1742, perhaps to a cousin.
          Sarah was a fourth cousin of James Boswell (1740-1795).
      115 Thomas WATKINSON ( - ) [757]

       His father's will 1750 left him a farm at Barnardiston, Suffolk.
       A will for a Thomas Watkinson was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canter-
       bury August 1774.
       Edward Blair Watkinson's family listing of 1863 calls him Thomas at Minns,
       father of Thomas.
      116 Elizabeth WATKINSON ( - ) [758]
      Sp. Samuel WEBB ( - ) [764]; m. 18 Jun 1741

       Peter Murray names Samuel as W Webb of Norwich.
         1161 Elizabeth WEBB ( - ) [895]

          She was given 20 pounds in the will of her g'father John Watkinson of 1750.
          Edward Blair Watkinson calls her Elizabeth Horton.
         1162 John WEBB ( - ) [896]

          Edward Blair Watkinson's family listing of 1863 calls him "John Webb of
      117 Susannah WATKINSON ( - ) [759]

       The marriage of Susannah and Abraham is in the IGI Supplement 1997, given as
       about 1748, information submitted by a relative.  Call no. 1903806.
      Sp. Abraham BARNARD ( -1803) [765]; m. 26 Sep 1745

       Will was proved 7/4/1803 (ERO - 315 MR 13).  He lived at Holts, Stebbing.
       IGI has a reference to an Osmond Barnard, son of Abraham Larkin Barnard, and
       other earlier Abraham Barnards are mentioned.  This may be the link to Osmond
       Barnard who sold Black Notley Hall to the Ratcliff family.
       Described by Samuel Watkinson as "my friend Abraham Barnard of Stebbing".
       His Will speaks of his g-daughter Mary Barnard. Also his Nephew Robt Barnard
       (? #615).
         1171 Susanna BARNARD ( - ) [917]
         Sp. Unknown HUNT ( - ) [918]
         1172 Sarah BARNARD ( -1831) [786]

          Robt Milbank info gave "Sarah Unknown".  ERO lists Robt Watkinson marrying
          Sarah Barnard 1776 and this is clearly confirmed in the Will of Abraham
          Barnard.  Bocking register shows Sarah Watkinson relict of Robt Watkinson of
          Rayne & formerly of Grand Courts in the Parish of Felsted, aged 81 yrs, buried
          8/3/1834.  Eliz Livermore's diary "July 16th 1776 Robert Watkinson of Grand
          Courts Felsted married this morning to Miss Barnard of Stebbing, Holts".
         Sp. Robert WATKINSON (1749-1817) [776]; m. 16 Jul 1776

          Bocking registers show "Robert Watkinson of Rayne, formerly of Felsted,
          buried 28/2/1817 aged 67" which fits perfectly. See also the note for Sarah's
          burial, which dovetails.
          We are not aware of any children of this marriage.
          He appears to have farmed at Grand Courts (see diary D/DTa F5 entry for 1795
          re death of his maiden aunt Ann Watkinson)
      118 Sarah WATKINSON ( - ) [760]

       Abraham Barnard's will (1800) refers to David Taylor of Little Dunmow
       Edward Blair Watkinson calls him David Taylor of Dunmore Priory, father of
       David Taylor of Harlow.
      Sp. David TAYLOR ( - ) [766]

       Described, by Peter Murray, as "of Dunmore Priory, and presumably the David
       Taylor, woolcomber of Gt Dunmow, whose will dated 1758 is in the ERO".  Peter
       mentions a son David.
         1181 Elizabeth TAYLOR ( - ) [919]

          Elizabeth Taylor was a major beneficiary of Abraham Barnard's Will (1800)
      119 Ann WATKINSON ( -1796) [761]

       Her father's will of 1750 left her 300 pounds on reaching 21 or at marriage if
       earlier.  Meanwhile it would earn 4.5% per annum.
       According to Edward Blair Watkinson, she died unmarried in 1796.
       Diary D/DTa F5 "from 12 Nov to about 26th 1795 died as I am informed Miss Ann
       Watkinson a maiden aunt to Mr Robt Watkinson of Grand Courts."
   12 Sarah WATKINSON ( - ) [769]

    Sarah was under 21 yrs when her father wrote his will in 1712.  Therefore
    probably born c1695.