Marlburian Period 1700-1715 Rule Amendments

Cadence marching: All nations regiment stand based infantry except Prussia is counted as poorly drilled regulars.

Non-Cadence Poorly Drilled Troops: Troops defined as being poorly drilled require a complete turn to change facing and may not move.

Platoon fire: All nations regiment stand based infantry except British, Dutch, Prussian and Danish has only 3 fire dice when stationary.

Pikes: Partly pike armed infantry such as Swedes and Russians do not get the -1 facing lancers. Partly pike armed troops receive an extra dice in melee, whether moving or stationary. Partly pike armed troops have one less fire dice, whether moving or stationary.

Sweden: Infantry always count as morale 6 shock troops, guards as morale 7.

Wooden ramrods: No effect represented, since all nations use them.

Firearm cavalry: No fire ability. In melee count as lighter if weight would otherwise be equal.

English, Dutch and Swedish horse (not dragoons): Always count as heavier than their opponents, weight for weight, due to faster charge.

Mounted dragoons: May never get shock effect bonus. May never be better than morale 5 unless guards.

Dismounted dragoons: May dismount as a poorly drilled regular infantry regiment counting as a formation change. Morale -1 when dismounted.

Skirmishers (infantry and cavalry): All count as militia. Morale should never be higher than 3 or 4.

Civilian artillery drivers: Once unlimbered, artillery battalions may not be moved, but may turn in place. It follows that if two artillery battalions are deployed bases touching, they may not turn.


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