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8 August 2001
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23 June 2001
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30 May 2001
Teeth “constant source of infection”—doctor

18 May 2001
Powell denies he has “great abs”

17 May 2001
Mordeno: Check yourself out!
“He's the kind of man who picks his friends to pieces.”
—Mae West
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Powell denies he has `Great abs'

18 May, 2001—Matt Powell today denied rumours that he has “a great set of abs,” despite a very positive appraisal this afternoon.

Are these great abs?

Powell was eating his lunch with friends, when a female student patted him playfully on the stomach.

“Then she was all like ‘Wow! You've got really nice abs!’” explained Powell. “She started trying to cop a feel of my abs! It was surreal!”

Powell alleges that the student ignored requests to stop, probably in the belief that he was simply being modest.

“That wasn't the end of it, either—she started trying to lift up my shirt to get a better look!”

Powell is mystified at the incident, saying that his body is “pretty average, really”.

“I'm actually really unfit,” he explained. “I'm just pitifully underweight, which must make my muscles stand out a bit. I really don't understand all the hype.”

Matt Powell has no plans to take his fabulous, sinewy body on the professional body-building circuit. :.

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