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8 August 2001
Twenty-one “pretty much the same”

23 June 2001
Internet Grammar Lady “bad” and “wrong”

30 May 2001
Teeth “constant source of infection”—doctor

18 May 2001
Powell denies he has “great abs”

17 May 2001
Mordeno: Check yourself out!
“Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others.”
—Winston Churchill
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Evil twin in shock missing classmate scandal

10 May, 2001— Local stay-home web geek Matt Powell was shocked last night to find a picture of his evil twin in an advertisement displayed on an internet chat program.

Matt Powell's evil twin (left): have you seen him?

Powell ‘signed in’ on MSN Messenger, only to be confronted with a startlingly familiar face, displayed in an advertisement for high school reunion site classmates.com.

“It was incredible—like looking into a mirror,” said Powell, who had previously been unaware of the existence of his evil twin.

“I had my suspicions, though. Like sometimes people would look at me really funny, and not in a good way, either.”

Powell went on to say that his own mother continued the deception.

“I was all like, hey Mum, that so looks like me on there! And she pretended to be all confused, like ‘why have they got a picture of you?’ But the more I think about it, the more I realise that she seemed to be hiding something...”

Powell has no imediate plans to use the services of classmates.com to locate his ‘missing’ evil twin.

“Some things are just better left alone.” :.

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