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8 August 2001
Twenty-one “pretty much the same”

23 June 2001
Internet Grammar Lady “bad” and “wrong”

30 May 2001
Teeth “constant source of infection”—doctor

18 May 2001
Powell denies he has “great abs”

17 May 2001
Mordeno: Check yourself out!
“Once a woman has given you her heart you can never get rid of the rest of her body.”
—John Vanbrugh
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Local geek updates web page; citizens still in shock

6 May, 2001—Reports are flooding in that local postgraduate student Matt Powell has finally updated his web site for the first time in over four months.

Matt Powell: “It'll be ready when it's ready, OK?”

Powell, a self-confessed perfectionist, blames the delay on the fact that he “just wasn't happy” with the way the site looked.

“I was getting kinda bored with the whole blue-and-beige thing,” confessed Powell yesterday. “I knew it was time for a change, but I just couldn't get the right look, you know? I guess I've been paying too much attention to the look of the site, and neglecting the content. Man, I suck.”

Powell also made some lame excuses about his “heavy course load,” but promised to include examples of his new comic strip, The Complete Retard's Guide to the English Language, on the site.

Meanwhile, public opinion on the new site remains divided. Some believe that this is the beginning of the end for Powell's online presence, and that the site, which has received over 1400 hits in the past nine months, will undergo a series of increasingly short-lived design changes, with little or no alteration in content.

“Probably,” concedes Powell. :.

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