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8 August 2001
Twenty-one “pretty much the same”

23 June 2001
Internet Grammar Lady “bad” and “wrong”

30 May 2001
Teeth “constant source of infection”—doctor

18 May 2001
Powell denies he has “great abs”

17 May 2001
Mordeno: Check yourself out!
“People who count their chickens before they are hatched act very wisely, because chickens run about so absurdly that it is impossible to count them accurately.”
—Oscar Wilde
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me Man! So long since my last update! I guess I have a couple of excuses (like the mission that was my birthday, and all my ground-breaking research), but it's still pretty slack...

Anyway. Enough excuses. New stuff: some photos, and of course a new news story (but you knew that already, didn't you?) And yes, Alee, I've updated my FAQ ;) Sheesh...

So come in, and take a look around...


n e w s 
Twenty-one “pretty much the same”
8 August 2001—Almost two weeks after turning 21, Matt Powell says that it's “pretty much the same” as being 20.
Internet Grammar Lady “bad” and “wrong”
23 June 2001—Local linguistics authorities are up in arms over the claims of so-called “Grammar Lady” Mary Newton Bruder.
Teeth “constant source of infection”—doctor
30 May 2001—When Christchurch student Matt Powell went to the doctor last night, he received an unexpected diagnosis which has stunned and perplexed his friends and family.
Powell denies he has “great abs”
18 May 2001—Matt Powell today denied rumours that he has “a great set of abs,” despite a very positive appraisal this afternoon.
Mordeno: Check yourself out!
17 May 2001—Matt Powell, 20, checked his e-mail this morning to find a message advising him to “check out” his online journal at Xanga.com, as well as his own site at matt-powell.org.nz.
Evil twin in shock missing classmate scandal
10 May 2001—Local stay-home web geek Matt Powell was shocked last night to find a picture of his evil twin in an advertisement displayed on an internet chat program.
It's official: NameZero.com really suck
8 May 2001—In a special press conference today, it was revealed that NameZero.com officially suck.
Local geek updates web page; citizens still in shock
6 May 2001—Reports are flooding in that local postgraduate student Matt Powell has finally updated his web site for the first time in over four months.
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