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This version of my web pages is a cut-down quick reference one, the main site now being "big brother" which has more details, some pictures, more charts, the charts include "spice", and it is much more regularly updated
Many links will take you to another site as this version of the tree really only exists because many things used to point to here.
Whichever site you are reading is the accumulated work of many researchers, all of whom I hope I have accurately acknowledged in the (abbreviated) source notes. It could take some years to complete as I continue to find relations quicker than I can document them!
The main family lines involved are my paternal Henderson/Davidson and maternal Andrews/Rowe relations and all their connections.
As you will find, the content is more "factual" than "readable" as I am trying to show the details of the research for people to draw their own conclusions (hoping of course that you will agree with mine).
Should you have any photos or research to share, I would love to hear from you. Corrections are also welcome.
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