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Welcome to my Triumph's Page, I am really only interested in modified Herald chassis based cars so if you want stock running gear and originality, you better leave now before you get really offended! On the other hand I only modify cars that are already pretty sad. I would not alter an original or rare car. In the past I have turned down some very original cars which could have saved hours of panelbeating.
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Tessa Vitesse - the first attempt and still running strong

My 1966 Vitesse with modified 2.5 engine, Toyota five speed, Datsun diff and rebuilt rear suspension.

If you wish to wish to read about Tessa I suggest you click on the picture of Tessa.

Alternatively click on the club banner to visit the Christchurch Triumph Owners Club website, which has a wealth of information about this great marque.

Picture of tessa

TINA - stock 13/60

This 1360 was given to me, deregistered and no WOF after she had been "T boned" at an intersection and suffered reasonable damage to the bonnet and front chassis members. She was going to be a parts car but was just too original for that. So it was cut away the front chassis 'horns' re-weld replacement items on and give her a new bonnet. Radiator replacement and new carpets and then re-certify her for the road. She was re registered in November 1999 and was totally reliable (and original) Won the economy run 1 year at nearly 42 miles per gallon and that at pretty well 100 ks per hour the entire trip.Very clean car and attracted many admiring looks. She was sold in January 2002 to a guy who really loved her and I see her on the road quite often. I sold her with a replacement motor which had apparently only done 58,000 miles and as far as I know it has still not been fitted and she is still as original as when she left the factory (see I can so be a puritan as well!) The colour is a stock Triumph Herald colour but I never really found out the official name, but quite unusual. 

 click on pic to see Tina (the tiny Herald) 

The Wake Of 'The Red Witch' - a modified 1200 Herald

My 1966 Triumph 1200 Herald, repowered by a Toyota Starlet 1500 (5K) engine, Datsun/Subaru differential, Disc brakes and other modifications.

To read more about this conversion click on the picture.


MINTY- modified coupe

Well not sure what name HE will finally get, got his nickname from the awful colour, but he is a coupe with a Triumph 2000 motor and 4 speed Vitesse gearbox. This how I purchased him, standard overworked diff, vitesse bonnet, alloy overriders, and a few good modifications (booster on brakes) and some really bad ones.(If you are a puritan then they are all bad!) He will get a complete body off re build. I started off with a narrowed disc brake bluebird diff/suspension and using the old 180B axles which are quite short and extremely strong. However I have now gone to five stud Skyline uprights. Current plan to is have a second set of callipers and an hydraulic handbrake which should save weight overall and be a lot less complicated than trying to retain the skyline setup. I had considered a change to 2.5 discs and callipers. Now I have gone with RX7 front hubs and brakes, they are the series 5 which matches the Skyline stud pattern (no coincidience!) They required littel modification to fit although upper and lower suspension arms have been fabricated for front and back. Rear end is coil over suspension. This has eliminated the dreaded trunnions! Not that I have ever had any problems with trunnions thus far. The engine and gearbox is Nissan SR20 with a five speed. When I get further along I will start a seperate page for this project similar to the Red Witch.


The Spittie

Just when I thought I was all over extra projects Mk IV Spitfire came along, previous owner bought new floors for it and a lot of new parts. Came with a spare engine, overdrive gearbox, wheels and a heap of other bits (lot from a Bond) Overall in good condition but needs the floors welded in (although the old ones don't look too bad) and a complete re assembly. All the suspension parts have been overhauled already so a very good start. Threw a cover over it and it can await it's turn. I have already given the spare engine to a fellow Triumph club owner - it was a stock 13/60 item with an unknown history and I need the space! The car cost a mere NZ$450 so you can understand why I bought it.


 JOH's RACE CAR - highly modified coupe

This is a little picture of the Herald belonging to a friend of mine, he has a huge number of these little beasts and has done it all, from totally original to every engine swap that has been considered. Turbo'd Nissan, Ford Granada V6 and this one is powered by a Rover V8. Handles extremely well and really does go like the clappers. Nissan Disc brake backend and totally certified (so is Joh!) Oh! and Joh's car has the 2.5 disc brake as described under the "Minty" subsection and of course it is option 2! Thought you should see this for inspiration!

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