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Club Members
Adrian [Mozzer] vocals
Adrian is the frontman of the band and takes this role very seriously. He believes that his uncanny likeness is attained through heavy tea abuse, which substitutes for a sex life. This story is old but it goes on.

Rob [Johnny] guitar
Rob plays a Fender Telecaster through a '62 Fender Bassman combo. He likes to think of himself as a musician but he can only play covers.

Jamie [Roy Buchanan] guitar/keyboard
Jamie doesn't know this, but he is actually in the wrong tribute band. He plays a Fender Stratocaster through a Fender Deluxe combo. Jamie has recently finished recording an EP of original material, Dissolving Boundaries.

Ryan [Andy] bass
Ryan is a bit of a wanker really. He is also very unreliable with money.

Pete [Mike] drums
As the youngest member of the Salford Lads Club, Pete is considered the resident whippersnapper. He snaps the whip, and we skip. There is no debating that he is indeed a very fine whippersnapper.
When not replicating 80's beats Pete plays with his other band Thought Creature, who regularly gig in Wellington, New Zealand.