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Welcome to my website!

My name is Sandra-Leigh Montford. I was born in Kaikohe, New Zealand in 1962. Shortly after my birth, doctors announced to my parents that I had a physical disability known as Cerebral Palsy.

At the age of ten, while living in Hokitika, I was introduced to poetry at school. After I had written a handful of poems at the direction of my teacher, I made an independent decision to be a poet. My poetry has been described as amusing, poignant, and sometimes confronting. Here are some sample Poems to tantalise you!

In recent years I have focused my spare time on refining my skills as a Performance Poet. I have appeared on television, radio, and performed in international festivals. Read my Biography for details.

If you like the sample poetry you can:

  • Buy my book: Words can wound or empower : selected poetry by Sandra-Leigh Montford. 2006 revised edition available! Order online now.
  • Hire me to entertain your guests!

I am also a keen photographer. Recently I was introduced to Photo Story - a brilliant tool to produce slide shows from photographs. Check out my photo stories.

Short story writing is another avenue I use as a creative outlet. Watch this space for a sample!

Thanks for visiting - bookmark me NOW! There will be regular updates, so come back soon! I welcome your support and any

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