ZL2AMD's Universal Tracking and Tuning System for Amateur Radio Satellites.

(USB Compatable)

The picture above shows the hardware portion of the project which has the following overall 110 x 53 x 25 millimeter, 4.3 x 2.2 x 1 inch dimensions.

The DB9 female plug on the left hand side provides connection to the Serial Com port, or to the USB port via a USB to RS232 adapter, while the DB25 female socket on the right hand side provides the connections to the antenna controller, the radios, via four independent TTL and RS232 level outputs, the 2 bit TTL level External Control Port, and the 12 to 13.8 Vdc power connection.  

The user's graphic interfaces shown below allow full "on the fly" control of all the functions associated with real time tracking of satellites, as well as diagnostic and test tracking routines when satellites are below the horizon.

The above picture shows the system in use with an analog satellite. In this mode the doppler frequency control action of the system changes from that used by the digital store and forward satellites in that the user merely tunes the rig for the best audio reception on the downlink then clicks the FDT button. The system calculates all the necessary frequency offsets and adjusts both the uplink and downlink automatically on the rig/s so that the user IMMEDIATELY hears thier own signal being echoed back from the satellite. This "Full Doppler Tuning" is postulated by some to be the standard for P3D type satellites. Note that frequency can be changed with on-screen controls or with the radio's tuning knob.

For P3D type satellites, full automation of the station's radio equipment according to the satellite's position,(MA), in the orbit is available.

When used in conjunction with ZL2TPO/G7UPN's WISP scheduling program the combination can be configured for fully automatic unattended ground station use.

The Nova for Windows, WxTrack, SatPC32, and the WinOrbit programs are also supported by the system.

Radio Equipment Interfaced.


FT-736R FT-847 FT-757 FT-980 FT-1000 FT-100 VR-5000


TS-790 TS-711 TS-811 TS-440S TS-680S TS-2000


IC-271 IC-471 IC-275 IC-475 IC-970 IC-820 IC-821 IC-728
IC-729 IC-751 IC-R8500 IC-706MKII/G IC-756PRO IC-910 IC-R7000
IC-R9000 PCR-1000


All the equipment listed above may be "mixed and matched" for uplink or downlink service on a satellite by satellite basis. The HF rigs interfaced are included for use in Mode A satellite service, or as down converter IF units


External Control Port

External control of signal switching, circular polarity change over, and other like functions are available on a satellite by satellite basis



The standard Yaesu and Kenpro G-5400 G-5600 controllers are supported by default as is the new Yaesu 5500 series which incorporates the 450 degree azimuth unit. The 450 degree span is fully utilized by Uni_Trac. Some models of the EVOMOTOR series are directly supported.


Computer Specification

Runs on any PC or laptop from 486 66 MHz upwards using Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE,  NT4 (sp3 and above), Windows 2000, Windows Millenium, and Windows XP

No firmware updating required as all updates are software based only and are free. See the links belows


The Package

Consisting of a fully assembled and tested system in a metal case, Printable Manual in PDF format, and CD with UNI-TRAC 2003 operating system.

An optional extra 1 metre cable assembly for connecting the UNI-TRAC 2003 system to the antenna controller and radios.The cable can ONLY be supplied with the original order.

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The free software site has a downloadable 40 page PDF format document which fully describes the system. Further technical details can requested from the author
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