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A program designed to produce statistics for matches between teams playing stopwatch mode RTCW:Enemy Territory games. The program reads in the console log file generated by ET client and creates an HTML file to be viewed by web browser. The program is free for anyone to use - if you feel like making a donation click the PayPal button :)

StatWhore aim


Features of the StatWhore page
Mouse overs
hover the mouse over column titles (eg K, Kd) to see a description of the column
The player and game statistics start off collapsed. Click the + and - icons to expand/collapse each section to reveal individual player statistics.
Column Sort
Most columns can be sorted. Click the column title to sort the column.
mouse over the player events (K,D,T etc) to see person killed and weapon type


Here are a couple of examples of output from the program


How do I use it

Quick Setup Notes

  1. Download StatWhore.jar and put it here "\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\StatWhore.jar"
  2. Start RTCW:ET and enable logging: open console and enter seta logfile 2
  3. Play a stopwatch game of ET with ET Pro
  4. Double-click "\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\StatWhore.jar"
  5. A window will appear showing the log file it is processing, and the name of the file it generates
  6. Double-click on the generated page in "\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etpro\html\"
  7. enjoy!
If your log files don't generate lines starting with [skipnotify] try adding these cvars to your config
seta cg_textNotify "1"
seta cg_drawNotifyText "1"

Slower Setup Notes and Command Line Options

StatWhore is distributed as a simple Java Archive (.jar), with a default installation of Java on Windows it can be run by double-clicking. If you have trouble running the .jar file, try the command line options instead from a batch file
  1. Place StatWhore.jar in your RTCW:ET directory "\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\StatWhore.jar" or in the ET Pro directory "\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etpro\StatWhore.jar"
  2. Double-click StatWhore.jar
  3. A window will open which will display files it is reading and generating
  4. StatWhore will look for etconsole.log in the current directory or for etpro/etconsole.log
  5. StatWhore processes the log file
  6. StatWhore creates a directory called html where it found the etconsole.log file, if the directory does not already exist
  7. StatWhore does the same for html/css, html/images, html/js and for the files it saves into them
  8. StatWhore generates the statistics page for the log file with the name html/yyyy-mm-dd-teamA_vs_teamB_map.html
  9. You may close the window at any time. The window stays open so filenames can be checked by the user
StatWhore can also be run from the command line or batch file with parameters as follows
java -jar StatWhore.jar log-filename output-directory
parameters are optional. If the output-directory is not provided the html directory will be created in the same directory as the log-filename.
java -jar StatWhore.jar "c:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etpro\etconsole.log" "c:\my-web-file\"

Hosting Stats on a website

The generated file can be placed on a web site, but the stylesheet uses some common files located in the sub-directories which also need to be on the same website. The easiest way is to create a stats directory and place the generated file into it as stats/yyyy-mm-dd-teamA_vs_teamB_map.html along with stats/css, stats/images, stats/js directories and their contents


Previous releases 2004-09-30 StatWhore V1.1.8 2004-08-23 StatWhore V1.1.7 2004-05-29 StatWhore V1.1.6 2004-05-28 StatWhore V1.1.5
2004-05-26 StatWhore V1.1.4
2004-05-25 StatWhore V1.1.3
2004-05-22 StatWhore V1.1.2
2004-05-21 StatWhore V1.1.1
2004-05-21 StatWhore V1.1.0
2004-05-10 StatWhore V1.0.2
2004-05-06 StatWhore V1.0.1
2004-05-04 StatWhore V1.0
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