Mocking the Ricers

Not quite sure where this idea came from.  Just popped into my head one day out of the ether. I guess mocking people comes naturally.

After pondering the idea for several months and coming up with a range of grocery items that could be made to match performance brand logos, I settled on using the following:
GReddy - Grapes
Cusco - Couscous
Dunlop - Donuts
Momo Course - Moro Bars
Racing Development TRD - English Breakfast TEA
Toda Racing - Tofu Slices

Moro bars are a regional thing, but the rest should be pretty universal.

Anyway, this is what it looked like when it debuted at the National Motorshow (17-19 March 2006):

Shopping List Parody

A big thanks to the team at albany sign studio for entertaining this idea for me and making the first set of vinyls in time for the show.

Like any  proud parent I've been sharing photos of my baby with anyone who will care to look (and even some who don't).  Here's some of the discussions:
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