Mid 2007 Update

Yup, this site is a crime - yet another website gathering dust in the corner of the interweb.

So instead, how about having a look over here: www.colourandlight.co.nz

Mid 2006 Update

Well slowly the site is picking up more info...  There's a section on Screamin' Skyline's Skyline, and also a bit on the silvia.  The Altezza info has also been fleshed out further.

It's Alive!

After a 2 year hiadis I have a website back back up and running. Why?  We'll I found a few links around that net that came back to this site.  No one like dead links, so took it upon myself to make sure they had somewhere to point at.  

All it needs now is some content...

For now this site is generally concerned with the Altezza.  I'm not talking Altezza lights, I'm talking about the whole car.  Nor am I talking about the lazy 6-cylinder AS200 or Lexus IS200 version, what I'm concerned with here is the peppy RS200 running the BEAMS 3S-GE engine.  Anyway, more on that under the Altezza link on the left.

I realise it's a sin to have a partial site uploaded, but that's what I'm doing, sorry folks.  I apoligise for dead links and poorly formed pages - make use of your 'back' button if you get lost around here!