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Groome, Flanagan, O'Hagan and related Families

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Late in 2000 I realised that I knew very little about my family. My mother, Mary O’Hagan, had told me an uncle of hers had emigrated to New Zealand - where I now live - from Northern Ireland in the 1920’s. This gave me the incentive to see what I could find on my family.

With the help of Kevin O'Hagan, I have managed to piece together many members of the O’Hagan family but have had almost no success with the Groome family.


The O'Hagan family originates from Glenravel in Co Antrim, Northen Ireland. Glenravel was a predominantly mining area, and many of my ancestors were associated with mining.

Although my paternal grandmother Catherine Flanagan and her siblings were born in Oldbury, West Midlands, their parents came from Roscommon in Ireland. I understand that some of the children returned there in their late teens. There appears to be many Flanagan families from this area, and indeed Flanagan is the most common surname in the region.

My paternal grandfather, Joseph Patrick Groome, is reputed to have come from Ireland - possibly the Dublin area. The Groome name is also found in Co Offaly. There are many rumours about him, none of which have been substantiated. Amongst these are that he had a connection with either/both drinking establishments in O'Connell Street, Dublin, named Groome's Hotel (I hear, defunct) and Groome's Bar (now part of Cassidy's Hotel). These businesses were owned, I believe, by two brothers, Jim and Joe Groome. He was also reputed to have been heavily involved in politics, and indeed Groome's Bar often had a significant number of politicians amongst its clientele.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who wishes to add any members to the trees, or indeed has any information regarding the history of the families.

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