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About Me

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Welcome to my website.  I am a 28 year old Kiwi with a heathy (some would say unhealthy) interest in politics and writing.

Living and travelling overseas from September 2002 to Decemeber 2003 reawakened my strong interest in history and how it impacts on current events.  In the 'Travel' section of the site there are accounts of some of my adventures.


5 Seamount Terrace,

St Andrews Hill




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Previous Work Experience

Curriculum Vitae

I have researched and written articles for magazines

(such as Foreign Control Watchdog and Peace Researcher)

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CV (HTML Format)

Researcher/Policy Analyst

in the New Zealand Parliament

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Mental Health Support Worker (in the UK)

References are not included here for privacy reasons, but feel free to email me if they are required.

EDIT: I am currently job hunting, so any offers from progressively minded organisations would be welcome.  As are writing assignments  :)

Philosophy Tutor at University of Canterbury

Retail Assistant in the University Book Shop


General Interests

alan turing, alfred hitchcock, animals, anti-globalisation, anti-imperialism, apes, babylon 5, bach, bats, bertrand russell, biology, bob dylan, cats, computers, david bowie, education, fair trade, frankenstien, george orwell, gothic horror, history, history of science, immanuel kant, iraq, iraqi history, joy division, kaos, karl marx, karl popper, led zeppelin, left-wing, lord of the rings, manic street preachers, media, museums, noam chomsky, peace, pearl jam, philosophy, philosophy of mind, pink floyd, politics, psychology, radiohead, roleplaying, russia, russian history, science, science fiction, sisters of mercy, smashing pumpkins, social democracy, socialism, socialist, split enz, staunch, the beatles, the chills, the clash, the cure, travelling, u2.