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\ The goal of this target is to provide a framework for managing the creation and modification of database artefacts such as table tables, views and constraints.
The refactoring frame work is based on two models. A design model which describes the state of the database design, and an alteration model which describes operations needed to update the state of the target database to the current state of the design model.

This target also provides a base implementation that uses XML to describe implementation classes for both of these models and templates for constructing DDL requests to be submitted to the DBMS in order to invoke the changes in the alteration models.

I have been able to test this using the default the interpreter (espresso) with mock alteration and change models. It does produce the expected DDL request given the incomplete state of the template file that I have used in the test.

Known Issues
  • There is an issue with global templates. 
  • There is no provision yet to import classes or packages for simplifying notation of model references.but it is planned.
  • Template file should be able to refer to other files so a DDL definition can be modularised. The XML DocumentBuilder is set expand entities which was done to expand $ent-name; notation I need to check that a properly formed <!ENTITY> tag will expand a URI to the content of an XML document, my reading suggest this should be simple.