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The developer of the WiteRat Data Tools Project is John Hutcheson.  I live and work in Wellington, New Zealand. I currently use my skills mostly in the local community sector and I'll happily assist commercial or public sector organisations, naturally for a service fee or salary

I studied at Otago Polytechnic and in 1992 received an advanced certificate in business computing. Then I moved to Wellington after a year of trying got get a job I continued my studies at Wellington Polytechnic (now Massey University's Wellington campus). After that I worked for New Zealand's Ministry Of Health, CPS, Datamail, Volunteer Wellington, I complete a Diploma in information Technology (Software Development) at Computer Power Institute's Wellington campus in 2005  with an Award of Excellence. For seven years an counting I have been helping Wellington Peoples Centre by maintaining one of their CMS applications. For the last two years I have been working part time for a charitable trust that operates search and rescue, medivac and urgent patient transfer services. I also helped to develop the Blizzaga Media Library.

The one thing that has always excited me since was in high school in Dunedin is that I can sit by a keyboard with an idea in my head and turn that idea into a working piece of software. The first computer I ever had was a Sinclair ZX-81 with the standard 1K of memory - I had to drag mum back the the shop, a week later, to get the 16K Ram add-on module because the space invaders program I wrote in BASIC would not fit in the 1K memory. Later, I wrote a lunar lander where the LEM's fall was accelerated by gravity, thrusters would change the acceleration and the LEM could only be safely landed on valley floors or mountain plateaus. One of the people who regularly attended the local community computer groups work at Otago University and I'm pretty sure he got copies those works.  I was happy that someone liked my work. Later I got mum to upgrade me to a 48K ZX Spectrum on this machine I learned to write Z-80 assembler code with a fairly buggy commercially available assembler which annoyed me enough to write a couple of my own.

I share my home with a fairly cheeky mongrel cat. I like popular Sci-Fi,  movies.