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\ The goal of this project is to develop cross-platform frame work based end user application development tools.

Much about application development has changed in the last 12 years so an accessible tool set designed from the ground up for building modern applications is readily available, right?.  If your a geek, sure.  There are very powerful tools available but most people don't have the faintest idea how to use them so they hire developers to take care of it for them. This is never easy and for the community sector it is mostly impractical.

The goal here is build a tool set to manage data and make it easily accessible on the desktop or the web using industry standard open source software. The tools that this project will create will allow users to:
  • create and manage data structures
  • design and use a desktop interface
  • design and publish a web interface
  • create and print or export reports.
  • create email templates for data driven email to subscribers and clients, intended uses receipting, newsletters.(please boil all spammers before canning:-)).
  • define behaviours of an application.
As the song says - Let's see how far we go.