The history of this band dates back to 1996 when three musicians decided to start a band. Ryan Hawes (Vocals/Guitar), Hadleigh Pierson (Drums) and Dave Cooper (Bass) were the original members, playing under the name Xtrapakation. Their first big hit, and possibly their only, was Farmer Joe. This two minute song was simple, cheesy, but very humorous and was an instant success.

Guitarist Sean Bennetts joined the band in late 1997 to add his own unique style and class to this already promising band. With the addition of Bennetts to the group came the first of many name changes. In a matter of weeks the band name and image changed from ... Shovel to Toast, The Steamed Hams, Cabbage Thief's, Field Trip Permission Slip, The Westland Sheep Hussler's and Ryan Hawes & The Liquid Nazi Root Canals. Finally Jam Dorothy was settled on by the boys, a spur of the moment thing that the boys still regret to this day.

1997 proved to be a successful year for the boys; finalists in several band competitions, guest appearances at award shows, a week long tour and the honour of an award equivalent to a Grammy.

Due to musical differences, bass player Dave Cooper departed the band in late 1997 to be replaced by the ever popular Rachel Stagg, who brought two valuable assets to the band. Rachel's stay in the band was unfortunately cut short after only 3 months when she departed to Australia.

After a series of auditions, the multi-talented Jess McLean was decided as Rachel's replacement for the upcoming season. To introduce Jess to the bands song's and style, Jam Dorothy had 3 weeks of very intense practicing - shutting themselves away from the public eye and practicing like they had never practiced before ... 1998 was going to be another big year. 

After featuring on a national TV Show, the band was in never ending demand to perform at various live events. "The Bags The Stairwell Benefit Concert For The Needy Children Of Gwanda" was the highlight of the year.

Another year gone, and yet another bass player departed. With Jess McLean only signed on for 1 year, the band was once again back to a trio. At this point the band decided to have a break from the riggers of playing and take 18 months off.

In mid 2000, Jam Dorothy reformed. The three members spent the next 6 months writing new material. The band then hit the recording studio ending with the release of their first record, known simply as "Jam Dorothy - 3 Track EP".

Another series of auditions were held at the beginning of 2001 to find a new bass player. Aragorn Elliott became the new bass man and the boys have been working hard ever since ...

1996: Xtrapakation


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1998: Jam Dorothy


3 Track EP