The independent, incomplete and wholely inaccurate guide to OpenGL on the Apple Macintosh.



Apple Pages of interest on the mothership.

OpenGL There are a huge number of resources for OpenGL. Most of them aren't here.

Mac Programming A bunch of very useful tools.

3D Graphics More general 3D programming techniques.

General Macintosh Sites Mac sites about everything and nothing.

Index page.

Programs & Source
Apps I've written and maybe some source.

About Me & Stuff
A bit about me and other important stuff.

Questions, suggestions, requests & complaints.

Apple's OpenGL page: This is Apple's public face of OpenGL. Not a lot here for us developers.

Apple's OpenGL developer page: The only page you need for OpenGL on the Mac.

mac-opengl Mailing List Discussions about the OpenGL technology on the MacOS. This is very worth while joining. The signal to noise ratio is very high and it's all practical stuff.

Apple's developer homepage This area is getting better and better. You really can't go past it as the complete Macintosh programming reference. The official home of OpenGL. The site that makes me wonder why I'm bothering with this. It has EVERYTHING. It can be a little hard to find stuff but the patient will be rewarded. Check here every day for the latest news.
Check out the forums for a wealth of information and some lively discussions.

OpenGL Web Site The spiritual home of OpenGL at SGI. This is getting pretty old now but still has some excellent links.

MacZoop This seems really good and is well worth a look. I just wish I could figure out how to use it:)

MACINTOSH C - ON-LINE The world famous and very useful Mac reference. Like the readers digest version of Inside Macintosh. If you're like me and hate reading text on the screen, grab the Word version and print it out. It's just like a bought one.

Realtime Rendering. The webpage of the book of the...

The good-looking textured light-sourced bouncy fun smart and stretchy page. This is Hugo Elias' damn interesting graphics page
He has excellent articles on all sorts of interesting topics. Some of his explanations can be a bit vague, but this is definetly one of those inspirational sites that makes you just want to have go.

MacInTouch Home Page The number one Mac news site.

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