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FTGL A font rendering library for OpenGL.

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FTGL is now hosted on SourceForge


Screenshot from FTGL v1.3 demo


FTGL is a free, open source library to enable developers to use arbitrary fonts in their OpenGL ( applications.
Unlike other OpenGL font libraries FTGL uses standard font file formats so doesn't need a preprocessing step to convert the high quality font data into a lesser quality, proprietary format.
FTGL uses the Freetype ( font library to open and 'decode' the fonts. It then takes that output and stores it in a format most efficient for OpenGL rendering.
Rendering modes supported are

  • Bit maps
  • Anti aliased pix maps
  • Texture maps
  • Outlines
  • Polygon meshes
  • Extruded polygon meshes
Current stable version (2.1.2) 11 December, 2004

FTGL is now hosted on SourceForge

Download FTGL

FTGL is designed to be used in commercial quality software. It has been written with performance, robustness and simplicity in mind.

The archive contains the full source and projects for ...

  • *nix (autoconf)
  • Mac OSX (XCode 1.5)
  • Windows (Visual Studio ?)
Also included is the obligitory readme's, an OMT class diagram and source code documentation. There is also a very liberal license.
You can keep up with FTGL news via this page and on the gltt website ( there is a mailing list through which you can be advised of updates, news etc.
Please contact me via this list or directly if you have any suggestions, feature requests, or problems.

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