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This page lists a number of miscellaneous Cronins in Ireland and abroad.


A cemetery at Gundaroo, near Canberra: Ellen Cronin, native of Co. Cork, Ireland, died 28.6.1884 aged 40.

Passengers on 'Queen of the Seas' Liverpool to Geelong, Melbourne, 10 September 1854.
David Cronin, 25
Ellen Cronin, 16
John Cronin, 22
Patt Cronin, 25
Timothy Cronin, 16

Daniel M Cronin, served in the Boer War with the First Australian Horse Regiment.

Mary ALLEN married Jeremiah CRONIN (born Kanturk, Co Cork in 1879) Stanthorpe, Queensland , Australia. His parents were Jeremiah Cronin and Hanora McCarthy. They had nine children

british isles

Cornelius Cronin, Stoker RN.


Denis Cronin, a farmer from County Cork, built a house at Port Wade, Nova Scotia in 1784.

Patrick Francis Cronin (1839-1919), journalist

ireland (corke journal 1756)

Saturday Night was committed to the County Gaol Patrick Croneen of Black, in this County, being charged with enlisting Men for the service of France, (CJ 8/4/1756)

Yesterday died in the County of Kerry, Daniel Cronin of Knocknagre Esq; a Gentleman of a very happy Character, which makes his death greatly lamented by all those who had the pleasure of his Acquaintance, (CJ 8/4/1756)

Yesterday John Lott, one of the Bottle-hill Gang, Dennis Line, otherwise Lader, and this day Patrick Cronin, for enlisting men for the French service, received sentence of death; Catherine M’Daniel, and Matthew Twomey, for transportation. (CJ 12/4/1756)

Same day [Saturday] were executed at Gallows-green, pursuant to their sentence at our last assizes, Patrick Croneen, for enlisting men for the service of France, and John Lott, for robbery on the high way near Mallow, they behaved very decently at the gallows; Lott owned the fact, but Croneen denied he ever had any hand in the fact he was charged with. (CJ 6/5/1756)

(CJ 29/7/1756) – ON Thursday Night the 3d. Inst. the dwelling House of Daniel Cronin, late of Knocknagree, in the Barony of Duhallow, and County of Corke deceased, was broke open, and rob bed by some Persons unknown of the undernamed Pieces of Plate. Whoever secures the said Plate, or any of the Persons concerned in said Robbery, so as that they can be prosecuted to Conviction, shall be paid five Pounds Sterl. for each person so convicted, or if any of thoese concerned in said fact shall discover their Accomplices, they shall be intitled to the above Premium, which will be punctually paid by applying to Mr. George Goold, of the city of Corke, Merchant, to Mr. William Bourke, of the City of Limerick, Merchant, or to Mess. Michael and John Archbold, in Montrath-street, in the city of Dublin, Merchants.
(2 Salvers, 2 pint Cans, 9 large Spoons, 2 Salts, 1 Cream Ewer, I soop Spoon, 4 Tea Spoons, 1 Strainer, 2 casters, Mark’d with a Cypher, D.M.C.), (2 Salts, 2 Shovels, 4 Tea Spoons, 1 Sugar Dish, Mark’d D. H. C.), Punch Ladle, mark’d D. C., (1 dozen Knives, 1 dozen Fork, 1 Sugar Tongs, no mark), One large old cup, with a cover, supposed to be marked D. M. C. but can’t be certain of it. June 5th 1756.

(CJ 30/8/1756) – Stolen from off the lands of Killdorary, near Mitchels-Twon, on Friday Night the 39th of July last, a bright Bay Nag, about 14 hands high, with a small lump upon the mounting side of his breast; hog mained, with a great many impressions of warbles under the saddle. He is cat hamed, high hipped, leaps well, and is much inclinced to a pace; has also the impression of the setters on the near hind fetlock, the property of Michael Cronin: Whoever gives tidings of said Nag, so as he may be had, shall be paid a guinea reward by said Cronin, or by Mr. Thomas Brown, both of Killdorary. Dated August the 2d, 1756

new zealand

Thursday 21 June 1877 : HB shipping: 20 June - Jane Douglas for Gisborne & Auckland. Messrs STURM, OLDROYD, BUCKLAND & Capt. CRONIN.

Daniel Cronin served with the 68th regiment in both Crimea and New Zealand wars.

Charles Raven and Danny Cronin took over the Royal Hotel, Napier c1868.

Cronin, Edward James, Rifleman, NZ Rifle Brigade. Killed 12-10-1917.


Robert Cronin (aka Roman Crown) 1754-1841. Former RN officer, served with Russian navy from 1788 reaching the rank of Admiral.

south africa

Alfred Martin Duggan Cronin (1874-1954), photographer, Kimberly. Son of Geroge R Cronin of Innishannon.

united states

Cornelius Cronin, Chief Gunner USN, born 1838 Detroit, Michigan. Served in US Navy for 50 years, awarded Congressional Medal of Honor for the action in Mobile Bay, August 5, 1864. Died 1912.

Passengers on the 'City of Boston' Liverpool to New York, July 2, 1866.
Ml Cronin, age 30, Male, Lab
Margt Cronin, age 28, Female, Spinster
Danl Cronin, age 19, Male, Lab

Thomas Cronin, railroad owner, Missouri and Texas. Died 1926.

George Harold Cronin, Lt Col USAF.

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