Cronin family of Albany and Troy, New York

We believe my Great Grand Father was John Cronin born in 1841 died in 1886 he was married to Bridigett Shaughnessy born 1849 and died in 1915. He had four kid's, his son Michael J Cronin born in 1874 died 1932 (he was my grand father. He married Elizabeth (Anna) Reilly born 1866), his son William was born in 1876, his daughter Catherine was born in 1878 and died the same year, and his son James was born in 1879. John's brother Michael was born in 1850 and died in 1911 he was married to Bridgett McDonald born 1852 died 1929. They had 6 kid's Margaret born 1875, Mary 1876, Bridget 1879, Catherine 1881, Julia born 1883 and died the same year, and Michael J Cronin born 1885 and died 1911. Michael the father his son-in-law William Cahill and his son Michael all died the same year 1911. These people all came from County Cork.

As I know John b 1841 and Michael b 1850 emigrated to the US to New York State and setteled in the Albany and Troy area.

If you have any info about these people please let me know

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Cronin Families of Cork - Cronin family Albany and Troy, New York
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