Cronin family of Belfast & Dublin

My grandmothers maiden name was Lizzy Cronin .She was the daughter of Jeremiah Cronin from Cork County and Theresa Mullally from Dublin. Lizzy was born about 1876 in Liverpool. Jeremiah(Jerry) was born about 1837 in Co Cork . His brother William was a clog dancer in England and was known to have performed with Dan Leno at the Alhambra Theatre in Belfast under the name of John Williams. Jeremiah and Theresa first appear in records in Belfast as witnesses at the wedding of Dennis Kay and Mary Ann Keaton.. in Feb.1868. They moved to Dublin where Jerry was employed in a bakery and at least one child,Sammy was born. They returned to Belfast .There were three girls called Hannah ,Lizzy and Theresa.Sammy was killed in the first world war.Jerry died in 1894.Lizzy married Arthur McGivern

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Cronin Families of Cork - Cronin family of Belfast and Dublin
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