Return of Owners of Land of One Acre and Upwards in the Several Counties, Counties of Cities, and Counties of Towns in Ireland (Dublin: 1876)

The introduction to this work states that it includes the 'number and names of owners of land of one acre and upwards, whether built or not; including leases for terms exceeding 99 years, or with a right of perpetual renewal.' It further states that 'These instructions were issued on the 10 February, 1873; but the last return was not received in the office until the month of November 1875.'

It should be noted that the address given in the tables are those of the landowners, not the land itself.

Cork County

Name Address Land Area (whole acres only)
*Coltsmann, Daniel C Killarney 4,475
Cronin, Daniel Curraheen 73
Cronin, Dominick Cork 88
Cronin, Michael Curraheen 71
Cronin, Michael B. Keelinan, Liscarroll 137
Cronin, Patrick Doonasleen 10
Cronin, Timothy Donasleen 4
Cronine, Daniel Cloyne 398

Cork, County of the City

Name Address Land Area (whole acres only)
Cronin, Thomas C. Fair Hill, Cork 4


Name Address Land Area (whole acres only)
*Coltsmann, Daniel Glenflesk Castle, Killarney 10,316


Name Address Land Area (whole acres only)
Cronyn, John Molesworth St., Dublin 284

Waterford County

Name Address Land Area (whole acres only)
Cronin, Miss A. M. Nottingham 26

* This entry is incorrect in the original publication, the name should be Daniel Cronin-Coltsmann. Further information about the Cronin-Coltsmann family can be found in the Families section.

There are no returns for the name of 'Cronin', or any of its spelling variations, in the counties of Clare, Kerry, or Limerick.

Cronin Families of Cork - deaths
2001 Michael Cronin
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