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The entries marked * are part of the barony of Cork and are hand written on the original valuation, because of this they are subject to an increased likelihood of error. Additional entries for the parishes of St. Finbar's and St. Nicholas can be found under the Municipal Borough of Cork

Location (parish, townland) Year Occupier Immediate Leasor Description of Tenement Land Area (acres/rods/ perches)
Ballymartle, Scart 1851 John CRONIN Denis Foley Sen. House & garden 0/0/15
Carrigaline, Ballinrea 1850 John CRONIN Shaw Busteed House & land 3/0/34
Carrigaline, Ballyduhig 1850 George CRONIN Denis Ahern House & garden 0/1/24
* Carrigaline, Ballyorban 1852 Michael CRONEEN Michael Hayes House  
* Carrigaline, Ballyorban 1852 John CRONEEN Michael Hayes House (dilapidated)  
Carrigaline Village, Main Street 1850 John CRONIN Michael Power Smithy  
* Carrigaline, Castletreasure 1852 Michael CRONIN Henry Hall House  
Carrigaline, Curraghbinny 1850 William CRONIN Patrick Danihy House  
* Carrigaline, Douglas Village 1852 Denis CRONIN Henry Seward House, offices & garden 0/0/13
* Carrigaline, Douglas Village 1852 Daniel CRONIN Henry Seward House & garden 0/0/10
* Carrigaline, Douglas Village 1852 Matthew CRONIN James Sullivan House & yard  
Carrigaline, Fienchfurze 1850 Patrick CRONIN Reps Carew O'Grady Esq. House, offices & land 8/0/18
Carrigaline, Kilnaglery 1850 William CRONIN William Massey House  
* Carrigaline, Mounthovel 1852 Michael CRONIN John D Atkins House & land 0/2/10
Carrigaline, Raheens 1850 Michael CRONIN Rev. Edward H Newenham House & small garden  
Carrigaline, Raheens 1850 Michael CRONIN Rev. Edward H Newenham Land 2/1/7
Carrigaline, Shannonpark 1850 Timothy CRONIN Timothy Saunders House  
Cullen, Ballady 1851 Cornelius CRONIN Jeremiah Sullivan House  
* Currykippane, Ballysheehy 1852 Margaret CRONIN John Connor House  
* Currykippane, Clogheen 1852 John CRONIN Ellen Barry House, offices & garden 0/0/22
* Currykippane, Coolymurraghue 1852 Catherine CRONIN Thomas Barrett House  
* Currykippane, Coolymurraghue 1852 Cornelius CRONEEN John Callaghan House, offices & small garden.  
Dunderrow, Horsehill More North 1851 John CRONIN William McCarthy House & garden 0/0/10
Killanully, Kilnahone 1850 Michael CRONIN Jeremiah Madden Sen. House  
* Killanully, Rathmacullig 1852 Michael CRONIN Edward Cotterill House  
Kilmonge, Lybe 1851 Michael CRONIN, John CRONIN Mrs Charlotte Harrison 2 houses & land 21/3/33
Leighmoney, Shanavally 1851 Denis CRONIN John Canniff House & land 2/0/16
Liscleary, Ballinphelic 1850 John CRONIN James H. S. Barry Esq. House, office & land 26/3/36
Liscleary, Rafeen 1850 Julia CRONIN Francis A Walsh Esq. House  
Liscleary, Rafeen 1850 Michael CRONIN William A Drinan Esq. House & office  
Marmullane, Pembroke 1850 Denis CRONIN Daniel Drinneen House  
Monkstown, Maulbaun 1850 Patrick CRONIN Richard N Parker Esq. House  
Town of Monkstown, Glenn Road 1850 Jeremiah CRONIN Reps Randal Howe Esq. House & yard  
* Rathcooney, Lotamore 1852 John CRONIN John Spillane House  
* Rathcooney, Poulacurry North 1852 Mary CRONIN Patrick Riordan House  
Ringcurran 1851 Elizabeth CRONIN Wm Daunt & others House  
* St. Finbar's, Ballinaspigmore 1852 Patrick CRONIN Philip Sullivan House  
* St. Finbar's, Ballycurreen 1852 John CRONIN Thomas Murphy House  
* St. Finbar's, Croghtamore 1852 Jeremiah CRONIN Maurice Rourke House & office  
* St. Finbar's, Dundanion 1852 James CRONIN Reps Nagle House, office & garden 0/0/19
* St. Finbar's, Dundanion 1852 Batholomew CRONIN James Cottor House  
* St. Finbar's, Killeenreendowney 1852 John CRONIN Reps Sir Geo. Pigott Bt. House, offices & land 3/1/35
* St. Finbar's, Killeenreendowney 1852 Unoccupied John CRONIN House  
* St. Finbar's, Killeenreendowney 1852 John Allen John CRONIN House  
* St. Nicholas, Knockrea 1852 Michael CRONIN Mrs Dring House, offices & land 2/0/18
Templebreedy, Gortnanoon 1850 John CRONIN Wm H. M. Hodder Esq. House, offices, smithy & garden 0/3/4
Templebreedy, Kilmichael West 1850 Timothy CRONIN Wm H. M. Hodder Esq. House & garden 0/0/35
Tracton, Boardee 1850 Cornelius CRONIN Achilles Daunt Esq. House, offices & land 75/3/0
* Whitechurch, Rathpeacon 1851 John CRONAN Richard Thomas House  
Cronin Families of Cork - Griffiths valuation extracts
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